GOT7 "Miracle" M/V

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • GOT7 "Miracle" M/VFind GOT7 "Present : YOU" &ME Edition on iTunes & Apple Music Spotify[GOT7 Official] http://got7.jype.com & Apple Music #PresentYOUandME #MiracleCopyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • Gabriela Ferreira

    Gabriela Ferreira

     8 months ago +447

    Kpop doesn't deserve GOT7. They're so above like they're so talented and passionate and lovely with their fans. Korea u still have time to wake up on them!!

  • marisa muangsiri

    marisa muangsiri

     2 months ago +641

    Got7 join hands with Make-A-Wish Foundation Giving encouragement to children with severe illness from difficult to recover diseases By accepting children's requests And hope to see the concert or want to find Got7.(Really got7 love)

  • jisoo JINNE

    jisoo JINNE

     2 months ago +371


  • Ha Haa

    Ha Haa

     14 days ago +111

    I felt like watching the MV in August 2019

  • vallison 96

    vallison 96

     1 months ago +254

    Its normal to cry in this song I was crying when I saw Jinyoungie giving his hand to the little girl😢

  • Glossxx


     8 months ago +2068

    Korea, wake up and stop sleeping on got7 talent. They are a real miracle!



     2 months ago +164

    make this blue

  • Aldebaran Z

    Aldebaran Z

     2 months ago +269

    Suzy recommended this song to one lucky sueweetie (suzy's fanclub name) on her fansign recently. I'm happy that suzy and got7 still close💙

  • 현채♡


     2 months ago +227

    This song is so BEAUTIFUL :,)
    Wow my phone auto corrected that to all caps lol

  • Mark Bam

    Mark Bam

     2 months ago +137


  • YOK _IGOT7_

    YOK _IGOT7_

     8 months ago +1445


  • Brii Brown

    Brii Brown

     6 days ago +20

    This video hits differently when you find out it's about an aghase who passed away from cancer before she got to meet got7 and she was mark biased..

  • Dawprakay Chaisongkram

    Dawprakay Chaisongkram

     2 months ago +65

    Who ? Streaming MV miracle??
    It song so good

  • mey


     5 days ago +9

    who else cried when they figured out this mv is dedicated to an igot7 that passed away because of cancer 💕🥺

  • Mark Bam

    Mark Bam

     2 months ago +37

    สวัสดีครับรายงานตัวเข้าหน่วยกองทัพนก..Fighting (*´∇`*)

  • hyunjinst


     8 months ago +284

    GOT7 act as guardian angels for the little girl in her dream. Guiding her and keeping her company. She, who longed for a happy holiday, they make her winter warm and special and fulfilling her winter dream.
    In various social media platforms, each member of GOT7 made a letter to us, Ahgases. Thanking us for making them reach this far. As we all know, GOT7 debuted in January and have practiced until late beforehand for their big day with uncertainty of how their future will turn out. The months filled with loneliness, sweat, hopelessness, and doubt of being a trainee were over when they went up their debut stage with Girls Girls Girls.
    Debuting was their miracle in that cold 2014 winter. Ahgases made it warm and special like how GOT7 acts in the mv for the child. Also adding to the fact that they helped her achieve her dream of a happy xmas like how we helped fulfill their dreams.
    This isn’t just a normal comeback but it’s a tribute to the (almost) 5 years of being GOT7 and the Ahgases who have supported them throughout.
    GOT7 is also a miracle for IGOT7s or Ahgases. I’m so happy and thankful to be called a fan of theirs. 갓세븐 화이팅! 💚

  • Harnis A

    Harnis A

     yesterday +3

    Heol. Im crying because the song is so beautiful and i knew what is behind this mv:')

  • MIRACLE RosalineBB

    MIRACLE RosalineBB

     2 months ago +60

    Ever since you came here
    The winters not cold as it used to be anymore

  • Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom

     yesterday +2

    They really deserve a big spot, they deserve be known worlwide. Ilove them so much. ❤

  • Horen LastTeacher

    Horen LastTeacher

     14 days ago +24

    D.O, Baekhyun, Chen.
    The vocal powerhouse of EXO.
    JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae.
    The vocal powerhouse of GOT7.