Police High Speed Chase Ohio 4/11/2018

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 17, 2018
  • This video is actual dash cam footage from Delaware County Ohio Sheriffs cars captured during a high speed police chase on April, 11 2018. WARNING some of the footage at the end of this video is actual footage of a car crash and police officers using force and may be disturbing to some viewers. This footage was edited for flow and none of the events of this crash were changed. all footage is in order of how the events unfolded. Some of the subtitles are in question marks because the audio was not clear in the radio communications between officers and dispatch.

    So 5th 3rd Bank sucks. Don't use them. If you use them find another bank. I had my car loan through them. I did not intend to have my car smashed and totaled by this accident. I did my part to make sure I followed the rules and made sure I had everything in place to cover my car in the even I was involved in an accident. Insurance paid the value of my car and Gap insurance covered the difference. Should be taken care of right? NO. 5th 3rd bank feels that I owe them early pay off fees. I called them and explained the situation and this heartless un-American company feels that I owe the these fees. I can't believe that they would do this. I would understand if I had caused this accident but I didn't.

    The contents of this video are owned by sjones3974. I ordered and purchased the video footage from the Delaware County sheriff's office. The artistic content of the post production of this video are also owned by sjones3974. YouTube has all the records to prove these claims. If you download the this video and then upload it to an other channel other then this channel a dispute will be filed with YouTube. This has already been disputed with other channels that have ripped this video and the dispute was won by sjones3974.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ru74QoC-tss


  • bogey19018


     a years ago +1743

    That was a brad pit.

  • Гражданин России

    Гражданин России

     2 hours ago

    Путин рулит!

  • Michael Quirk

    Michael Quirk

     2 hours ago

    Absolutely stupid, guess innocent people don't matter to the cops ego

  • mou tsee

    mou tsee

     4 hours ago

    bingo, that was two at a time, hope nothing happened to the other one

  • Greg Lane

    Greg Lane

     16 hours ago

    To protect and serve! !

  • JeepStuff


     23 hours ago

    another innocent black man..hahahaha...no wonder the jails are filled with them.

  • Andrew Fogelsanger

    Andrew Fogelsanger


    I see all these comments about how it was a bad pit, 90% of you have never been in a chase, so when you do then tell me what it’s like

  • Theodore Lucas

    Theodore Lucas


    Wow. At least they decided a bad pit maneuver was best done at lower speeds...imagine at 118mph... I hope the people in the car they knocked him into are ok.

  • 2010Baldy



    This Crazy Cop pushed him straight in the oncoming Traffic.
    He must quiet been a "BigShot" for putting innocent People at such a Risk .

  • 2010Baldy



    Damn ,I'm wearing earphones and the left Channel is not working, so the only Time I can see the Suspect is if he is driving on the far right Lane. WTF!?

  • Vincent Alexander

    Vincent Alexander


    That was just plain stupid. Those cops need training!!!

  • Kenneth Taylor

    Kenneth Taylor


    ...my head hurts. Yep, Glock to the back of head @7:50 lol.

  • jay ferguson

    jay ferguson

     2 days ago

    shoot the idiot save the rest of our loved ones on the road

  • jay ferguson

    jay ferguson

     2 days ago

    no the accident was the dumbass that ran stop siding with criminals that need to just be shot for stupid, what if that was ur loved ones , he hit because he ran from the police, wake up america,

  • Sammy0071993


     2 days ago

    Should've gotten a motorcycle. Would've disappeared

  • Herding Cats

    Herding Cats

     2 days ago

    Hurtin' bad? T.S.

  • Dennis Karnes

    Dennis Karnes

     3 days ago

    Cop IQ's are getting lower I see.

  • psikogeek


     3 days ago +1

    Wish a Ford and a Chevy would still last ten years like they should.

  • NYC


     3 days ago

    Lawlessness on both sides
    Bad pit
    How about when the officer threw him on the floor an land a blow with his fire arm on his head after he had him subdued

  • marcus brown

    marcus brown

     3 days ago

    Stupid ass cop to do that in traffic!!!!!!