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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 5, 2016
  • Future Cities, a full-length documentary strand from WIRED Video, takes us inside the bustling Chinese city of Shenzhen.
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    We examine the unique manufacturing ecosystem that has emerged, gaining access to the world’s leading hardware-prototyping culture whilst challenging misconceptions from the west. The film looks at how the evolution of “Shanzhai” – or copycat manufacturing – has transformed traditional models of business, distribution and innovation, and asks what the rest of the world can learn from this so-called “Silicon Valley of hardware".

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    Premiering in February, the second season of WIRED’s Future Cities series takes us inside one of the world’s biggest startup nations. With the most tech startups and venture capital per capita in the world, Israel has long been hailed as The Startup Nation. WIRED’s four-part series will look beyond Tel Aviv’s vibrant, liberal tech epicentre to the wider Holy Land region – the Palestinian territories, where a parallel Startup Nation story is emerging in East Jerusalem, Ramallah and the West Bank, as well as in the Israeli cybersecurity hub of Beersheba. And we will learn how the fertile innovation ecosystem of Silicon Wadi has evolved as a result of its unique political, geographical and cultural situation and explore the future challenges – and solutions – these nations are facing.


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     2 hours ago

    China will soon rule the planet.

  • doposud


     14 hours ago

    2019 - central europe first time i hear about Shenzhen it just shows you how media really share noninteresting stories and accidents but real new like hey there is new fastest growing city in the world is where ?

  • daniel ash

    daniel ash


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  • daniel ash

    daniel ash


    The real power is not the wealth of the nation by money it's the peoples ability to adapt to all things befor us .It's ok but restrictive to knowledge of the person scalability to knowledge of feeling listen and learn this worldly things are found and when searching for truthful messages with teacher.

  • daniel ash

    daniel ash


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  • daniel ash

    daniel ash


    Imaging a printed letter that reads the letter next to it and on and on then says the word that in combined and in am language's too just by its position to position tech.

  • Rich Paul

    Rich Paul


    This is amazing. We need to end the concept of IP. IP is brain damage!

  • Gregg Levin

    Gregg Levin

     2 days ago

    i know how to make IC processors a 100 times faster than today's processors and can do it with ... . I gave the idea to my Son, Joel , USA tech runs thing not China. I had a work visit for a year and did not go , but went to El Salvador, Central America instead. Maybe a wrong move for me

  • bobby prayogo

    bobby prayogo

     2 days ago

    اُطْلُبُوْا العِلْمَ وَلَوْ في الصِّينِ

    “Tuntutlah ilmu walaupun sampai ke negeri China.”

  • HD Aviation Videos ✈

    HD Aviation Videos ✈

     2 days ago +1

    I'm going to Shenzhen in a few days!

  • ewlchen


     2 days ago

    I want me one of those dingdongs

  • Pistanbroke


     3 days ago

    Good bye China. you have survived all these thousands of years by not doing what every other country did. the word "economy" has no meaning for human beings... it' a business term. the people were feeding themselves... now they rely on the government to feed them... which means they have to work for the government. they have become helpless... like the rest of us. while the corporations(government) "economy" increases the more the people will become entangled in it's machine. the people where better off living off the land and trading among each other.

  • Levi Yue

    Levi Yue

     3 days ago

    r they still in china now?

  • Joe Hanson

    Joe Hanson

     5 days ago

    i watch the video and how and great all of this is,now play the video of the empty cities in good old china,unreal the depth of this monster created,it makes no sense,who let it go on,and on,?not finishing any of them,somebody in that communist gov,has a very large bank account,does communist, mean mafia in china?

  • Nigel Palmer

    Nigel Palmer

     5 days ago

    In a few years it will all be automated and this whole documentary will be moot

  • elo pelo

    elo pelo

     6 days ago

    Now, just check how China had looked in 80's.

  • Happy Happy

    Happy Happy

     7 days ago


  • Neil Fraser-Smith

    Neil Fraser-Smith

     7 days ago

    Typical nerd comment 'what should I say'.

  • Marco Leal

    Marco Leal

     7 days ago

    Muuuuuuuuuy bueno!!!!! increible!!!

  • inpersonaDK


     7 days ago

    The Chinese and patent/intel property doesn’t exist and both EU/US been robbed for decades