Does U.S. debt matter? | CNBC Explains

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • U.S. government debt stands at more than $21 trillion. Does it matter? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze explains.-----Subscribe to us on YouTube: to CNBC Life on YouTube: our Facebook page: us on Instagram: us on Twitter:
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  • Genie

     10 months ago

    US is AA+ rating. Rated by US paid companies?

  • KilonBerlin

     1 months ago

    I think it was Mozambique... they had the highest inflation rate in history, it was something like many many trillions per cent in that period (it was shorter than a year, but if you took the amount for 1 year it was something where the European metric and the US imperial system gets problematic for me... as our billion is only a "Milliarde", your trillion is a "billion", but in English I think Mozambique had this what 1000 trillions are... quadrillion? of course per cent yearly inf...

  • 689 mol entertainment

     2 months ago

    @writerconsidered but is the USD too strong for inflation?

  • jryde421

     10 months ago

    us gov invest in education??? you said prison system wrong

  • Thomas York


    @HAVANA SCP your cherry-picking to prove a point and its not valid.

  • Thomas York


    the biggest expense is social security and medicare


     10 months ago

    Sure just keep printing more money and problem solved right ? Lmaooo

  • Rodney momin Gare


    This is the most dumbest comment ever

  • Majin Mist

     18 days ago

    Like Germany after ww1

  • Philip Molina

     10 months ago

    Suddenly everyone is now an expert on economics.

  • Piyush Singh

     18 days ago

    Well I have a bachelor's degree on economics so I can speak on this matter.

  • John Kelleher

     25 days ago

    For those pointing out that we are a republic realize that's a representative form of democracy. If you have to point out it's a republic then you probably just repeating what you've been told with no understand of the underlying concepts.Not that we have any type of democracy in the US anymore. 4 out of 5 Americans can't afford to exercise their political will let alone protect their life and property. Economically oppression is so much easier than beating people with sticks. Tyranny is nothing like...

  • Pedro Paiva

     2 months ago

    Does my debt matter?To my creditors, yes.I continued to sleep well at night.

  • sam toshi

     10 months ago

    Just print them those papers ! And turn US to Venezuela lol

  • Matt Brown

     19 days ago

    Ryan Beck are you actually supporting money creation by the federal reserve?

  • James Miller

     2 months ago

    Don Dressel Except democrats don’t and have never supported illegals voting

  • agent

     10 months ago

    Short answer : yesNext is hyperinflation followed by warsThe end

  • Teringventje

     2 months ago

    Hyperinflation? Getting to 2% was difficult to achieve let alone hyperinflation🤦‍♂️. If there is no demand and there is a strong dollar than prices wont rise that easily mate

  • Sunday White Rabbit

     2 months ago

    Buy silver now Friend....

  • VRGaming Club

     3 months ago

    U.S deep state tell others how to live. Decide who dictator, where the right regime and where there is no. At the same time live in debt at the expense of the rest of the world and increase their defense budget by one hundred billion a year, thinking that everything will get away with it. what mistake.Carthago delenda est, Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse!

  • Nspnspker

     1 months ago

    Italy hitting 100% debt, CNBC:"Eurozone is failing""Italy is a ticking time bomb""Why Europe might be headed towards a new financial crisis"US hitting 100% debt, CNBC:"DoEs U.S. dEbT maTtEr?"

  • SilentFood

     12 days ago

    Well u said it.. Italy is part of eurozone and it has zero control on Euro. Italy cant play with % rate n currency value to stimulate economy.


     9 months ago

    AA+ rating by the same us company S&P have been cited for contributing to the financial crisis of 2007–08 and gave Credit ratings of AAA (the highest rating available) to large portions of even the riskiest pools of loans during 2007 financial crisis