Surprising My Grandparents Transforming Their Old House to New!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 13, 2019
  • ENJOY this hour long house renovation extravaganza surprise !!!
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  • Doing Life MY WAY

    Doing Life MY WAY

     32 minutes ago


  • Roxanna Rangel

    Roxanna Rangel

     53 minutes ago

    Such a thoughtful makeover. No doubt you're the best!

  • nmontesinos67


     55 minutes ago

    Love your grandparents

  • Pincess-Dolly Tuaandi Mujetenga

    Pincess-Dolly Tuaandi Mujetenga

     an hour ago

    I love my grandparents so much, I enjoyed every second and you just reminded the world of how important it is to honor our parents. thanks for sharing your world with us. I just found your channel and I don't regret any second of my time. I am Subscribing, liking and etc.

  • Gloria Lopez

    Gloria Lopez

     an hour ago

    Subscribing solely on this video ♥️♥️♥️ that's every grateful child/grandchilds dream to be able to pay them back. Congratulations on being able to do that! And I'm sorry for the loss of your kitty.

  • Anna Ciesielska

    Anna Ciesielska

     an hour ago

    I think that it was the best YouTube video I have ever watched. Just look at her, how happy she is about making something good for her grandparents! This video is full of love, warm and happiness. I am so astonished by their work!!! ❤️

  • Jordan Ev

    Jordan Ev

     an hour ago

    Are you from Indiana?! This is the first video I’m seeing from you and I’m only a few minutes in, but saw your indiana crewneck and had to ask!

  • Consu Riquelme

    Consu Riquelme

     2 hours ago


  • Chelsea Cates

    Chelsea Cates

     2 hours ago

    Mia's Dad "I do"... 😂👌

  • Neha Mohan

    Neha Mohan

     3 hours ago

    Get your tissues ready at 55:00 🤧

  • Brittany F

    Brittany F

     3 hours ago


  • Hira Latif

    Hira Latif

     3 hours ago

    I’m so happy you spent your time to care for your grandparents. I hope this video inspires others to care for their elders. Never a moment on this video was I uninterested. Very nice and personal. Thank you for sharing.

  • Nubian Queen

    Nubian Queen

     5 hours ago

    You know what gal????, your act of passion, kindness and love to your family##grandparents, it has made me hit the prescribing button. May more Blessings come your way.

  • Linda K

    Linda K

     5 hours ago

    Amazing love it. Wth ya'll did much better than a bunch of these shows., make a family business out of it lol because ya'll did amazing!!!

  • nicolew72


     5 hours ago

    Fantastic job!

  • Æ


     6 hours ago

    I seriously can’t stop smiling

  • Anca Ionela

    Anca Ionela

     6 hours ago

    worth every second of watching! love it!❤

  • hp 4ever

    hp 4ever

     6 hours ago

    you have such a beautiful family

  • Thelegendry Moshi

    Thelegendry Moshi

     7 hours ago

    This is a good way to spend your money if you are rich ☺ CONGRATS!

  • Robin Davis

    Robin Davis

     7 hours ago

    You have an amazing family! What a great way to honor your grandparents, house is gorgeous! Great job