1929 Air Compressor Restoration - Restored to New Condition - I Didn't Think It Would Run

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 11, 2019
  • I got this Air Compressor a while back and have been wanting to restore it. I finally finished it and it is ready to go. I also restored the Electric Motor that came with it. You can see that restoration video here: https://www.thclips.net/video/B_1pYccubYg/video.html

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    Equipment I've used in this video or others:
    The camera used in this video is my old Canon Vixia I've had for over 10 years. I recently sold
    some stuff from around the house and used that money to invest in a newer, nicer camera which I did use at the very end of this video for the motion shots/closeups while the compressor was running. It's a good camera and you should check it out. the link is below.

    Camera - https://amzn.to/37iP5tl
    Emery Cloth Strips - https://amzn.to/2OklBST (used off camera)
    Bondo - https://amzn.to/2pJBYjO - Not the exact stuff, but as close as I could find on Amazon.
    Paint Stripper - This stuff works very well - https://amzn.to/2tR7kH5

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/T0e51SI8d2Q


  • Two Hands Restorations

    Two Hands Restorations

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  • Avneet singh Rupal

    Avneet singh Rupal

     an hour ago

    In which liquid you dip this compressed

  • garygsp3


     7 hours ago

    As soon as you smacked the main shaft with a steel hammer i shut it off. You are nothing more than hammer and chisel mechanic. A real mechanic would have used a brass hammer or a brass punch so you don't distort the steel. If you got it running again consider yourself more lucky than good.

  • Claudio Cesar

    Claudio Cesar

     9 hours ago

    Cabra Rui no esmeril

  • dolst


     10 hours ago

    This was magnificent!

  • Jones Family

    Jones Family

     11 hours ago

    So this restoration is amazing. But I feel like it would have been truer to original by leaving the old mold marks that were there from casting and not grinding them off

  • Geomantius


     12 hours ago

    Great job! Respect!

  • Jair Mattos

    Jair Mattos

     14 hours ago

    Parabéns. Visualizado em São Paulo - SP. BRASIL.

    Congratulations. Viewed in São Paulo - SP. Brazil

    Felicidades Visto en São Paulo - SP. Brasil

    Herzlichen glückwunsch Gesehen in São Paulo - SP. Brasilien.

    ألف مبروك. شوهد في ساو باولو - SP. البرازيل
    'alf mabruk. shuhid fi saw bawlu - SP. albarazil

    Omedetōgozaimasu. Sanpauro - SP de hyōji. Burajiru.

    Gōngxǐ nǐ zài shèngbǎoluó-SP zhōng chákàn. Bāxī.

  • Fabian Perez

    Fabian Perez

     14 hours ago

    esto no es ninguna restauracion, es una REPARACION y bastante mala

  • Fred's Appliance

    Fred's Appliance

     20 hours ago


  • George Georgia

    George Georgia

     22 hours ago

    I'm not questioning the skill.. Clearly this guy's good, but, 1929 but the belt is still intact? Maybe it had been used in recent years but the build was '29. It wasn't specified though.

  • David Pribilinec

    David Pribilinec

     22 hours ago

    next time, keep it in steel color !





  • SchwarzMetallerHH



    Didn't expect Segafredo to build compressors. ;D

    The whole video I did not get what the second big chamber next to the cylinder should be for.
    Is it a bulit in pressure vessel? Seems so, the drain valve(?) says to me.
    And they had no belt cover or pressure switch these days? Crazy world...

  • Bob Russell

    Bob Russell


    Excellent restoration project, well done... I would consider installing a pressure control valve/switch and mount the unit on a large pig storage tank... Appears to be a very powerful cpmpressor...

  • nineball26



    all you need to do is install a pressure relief pop off valve then a pressure regulator switch.. one is an emergency pop off the other turns off the electric motor at your desired pressure usually around 100psi

    then get like a 20 gallon bottle and you will have shop air on tap whenever you need it, leave it on it will fill automatically

    nice old air compressor last forever

  • Max Diehl

    Max Diehl


    How to waste sandpaper . . .you do know there is a middle to be utilized ;) otherwise great work dude.

  • CafeBikeGirl



  • syed hasan

    syed hasan


    Very Nice Video 👍

  • Wrench Head

    Wrench Head


    Nice work!