Aladdin - "Special Look" Trailer (My Thoughts)

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
  • A new trailer or "special look" for the live action ALADDIN movie has hit Youtube. We get our first look at the blue Genie, as well as are my thoughts on both.Watch the trailer here:
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  • kasim allen

    kasim allen

     6 months ago +1167

    Jafar sound like a evil fashion designer lol

  • Joseph Harding

    Joseph Harding

     6 months ago +285

    Lmao I didn’t even know that was supposed to be jafar until now

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

     6 months ago +580

    My thoughts? Oh I don't think so.

  • Alt+Doom


     6 months ago +256

    These lazy remake cash grabs are worthless.

  • Hinatachan360


     6 months ago +234

    Didn't Jafar disguise himself as a crusty old man to trick Aladdin into entering the Cave of Wonders? Why is he looking like his normal self?

  • Tyrone


     6 months ago +933

    Please put the Genie back in the lamp

  • Matthew


     6 months ago +224

    Couldn’t they have just painted Will Smith blue? Like how they made Gamora green in GOTG? Cheaper and infinitely less sickening...

  • John Baumgartner

    John Baumgartner

     6 months ago +67

    Avatar was how long ago? I feel like even back then they had better blue people. This genie looks more like someone color corrected after the original hate

  • GoofyGonzalo OCP

    GoofyGonzalo OCP

     6 months ago +25

    In my opinion, Jack Black would've been a better fit.

  • Mudig


     6 months ago +225

    tbh, he looked better when he wasn't blue...yikes.

  • Uriel


     6 months ago +1026

    Aladdin gonna wish for Fortnite and Marques Brownlee

  • Firelord Aang

    Firelord Aang

     6 months ago +12

    Jafar honestly looks the most boring😕

  • Ryan Tahlilkar

    Ryan Tahlilkar

     6 months ago +66

    Sameee Jaffar looks like he has no personality and is so slow in the trailer

  • Sergio Abreu

    Sergio Abreu

     6 months ago +51

    It’s like a Smurf on steroids

  • Rey Anthony

    Rey Anthony

     6 months ago +17

    The GENIE is actually the BIRDBOX monster

  • Mr. Ditkovich

    Mr. Ditkovich

     6 months ago +166

    Jafar sounds like an evil fashion designer

  • Something New

    Something New

     6 months ago +47

    You know what would have been better, total CGI genie that looked like from the cartoon, and just Robin Williams voice clips. Just that, nothing else

  • Shadushio


     6 months ago +26

    Can't say for %100 certainty, but this is likely going to suck. I refuse to watch unless, miraculously, multiple sources say it's good. Not gonna waste my time and money.

  • Iron Fan

    Iron Fan

     6 months ago +3

    Jeremy would have made a better Jafar, but they'd scream "whitewashing". xD

  • Evaquiel


     6 months ago +25

    Not Will Smith... Give it to TERRY CREWS! He's crazy on screen, perfect for this!!