21 Savage - All My Friends (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 20, 2018
  • Listen to the official audio of "All My Friends" by 21 Savage.Subscribe to 21 Savage's official channel for exclusive music videos and behind the scenes footage: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-21SavageFollow 21 Savage:http://21Savage.comhttp://twitter.com/21Savagehttp://instagram.com/21Savagehttp://facebook.com/21Savage#21Savage #IamIwas #4L
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Uqvqbi7iZeA


  • justdestiny

     7 months ago

    Posty and Savage always a legendary duo 🔥

  • XxEggRollYumx YT

     18 days ago

    Facts bro

  • Terry La Tunguley

     1 months ago

    Love these duo's

  • BuzzMonkeyTV

     6 months ago

    this shit harder than the bread at walmart

  • perla alanis

     2 days ago

    I know right

  • Francisco Perales

     29 days ago

    @Wallo Godly yup

  • pietro rusticali

     5 months ago

    X: how many friends have u lost?Savage: *a lot*

  • Fares Wael

     4 days ago

    Kinda of the wrong song

  • MadonnaDellArco

     3 months ago


  • LootableCorpse

     6 months ago

    The title should say ft. Post Malone

  • Divine K.

     2 days ago


  • Zoe Gillis

     4 days ago


  • f a c u

     5 months ago

    Can’t believe this just has 3 million, soo underrated

  • Lul Lulu

     2 months ago

    fe1234 bruh that’s my old profle pic on my old phone

  • T_ KILLA0223

     2 months ago

    5.8 now

  • Wunder Bread

     7 months ago

    Song is an instant banger as soon as it mentions 12 car garages

  • Kirsten Murphy

     2 months ago

    Wunder Bread I have 12 garage with 12 cars lambo

  • Aleksi H

     4 months ago

    fuck you

  • Hamed Alharthy

     7 months ago

    One of the best songs who agree?

  • Bryan Castillo

     5 months ago

    On 1:33 He said something about fighting Icy or ICE. Maybe he was trynna tell us by saying that lol.

  • Selma and Chris

     4 days ago

    He says icy like a hockey puck so plz stfu about the Britain stuff

  • TheFnames

     7 months ago

    Damn 21 you gotta put Posty in the title

  • Ahmed Bensa

     2 months ago

    swurls oh I SEE

  • swurls

     2 months ago

    @Ahmed Bensa nope, it was 21s, he said every song in the album was created by him in his insta story a while ago.

  • olivia halie

     6 months ago

    21 savage will always have a special place in my heart

  • Antonios R

     4 months ago

    21 savage is the best

  • Wolfey Juug

     5 months ago

    Wolfey juug - Ventilation