I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan GT-R from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 30, 2018
  • In todays episode, were unveiling the new build :p Find your next car at copart today head to http://copart.com/bisforbuildThis video is sponsored by Copart. I am not a Copart employee. Please contact Copart if you have questions about purchasing vehicles in Copart auctions.❱ Shop - http://bisforbuild.com/❱ Game - http://disfordrift.com❱ Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/user?u=3364742❱ Facebook - http://facebook.com/bisforbuild❱ Instagram - http://instagram.com/bisforbuild❱ Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/bisforbuildMusic:Fareoh - Cloud Ten
  • Source: https://youtu.be/VjYkxKupL9I


  • Geevan Thomas

    Geevan Thomas

     8 months ago +1035

    you should keep the old seats and just reupholster the seats

  • tbird90sc


     7 months ago +888

    Your car needs a new car

  • M0beast


     5 months ago +421

    20k for a smashed 09' !! cheap?? wtf

  • Whiteflash _100

    Whiteflash _100

     2 months ago +41

    I said a 10 second car, not a 10 minute car..

  • Epic Ness

    Epic Ness

     6 days ago +5

    My brain when he was showing the car before fixing: why the hell would you buy this

  • rickyreyes48


     8 months ago +425

    Don't park it on the street with the 3p wheels 😂

  • Briaun Phillips

    Briaun Phillips

     7 months ago +223

    YouTube paid 20k for this car

  • Yorukon3


     6 months ago +26

    You bought a Japanese part for a Japanese car from Japan?
    That is crazy!

  • Matt Franks

    Matt Franks

     3 months ago +34

    1. Cable ties
    2. Duct tape
    3. A bit of spit and polish



     2 months ago +18

    Even though is a gtr, 20k for that is expensive.

  • austin4x


     8 months ago +311

    You didnt get it cheap because of Copart. You might have missed it but when you were doing the initial showing of the car I noticed a small dent and scratch on the driver's side.

  • AlienEntity1


     7 months ago +181

    OMG what a piece of junk! You could get an original condition, undamaged car for less than what it's going to cost you to 'fix' this thing. But the real story is your revenues from youtube, which are going to actually pay for the outrageous rebuild. Nobody should think this is a project for the non-sponsored builder. It's an infomercial for Copart.

  • Kolten Meyers

    Kolten Meyers

     7 days ago +1

    Why have I never seen this driving around Hillsboro OR beaverton

  • Nicolas G.

    Nicolas G.

     4 months ago +59

    I thought you payed like 50 dollars for it

  • KOTH Fuuriious

    KOTH Fuuriious

     14 hours ago +1

    Talking for 17 min

  • 1mtdnetwork


     8 months ago +334

    As a ASE Certified Body Man, Take your car to a good body shop with a frame machine and have them check it out. No one can determine whether the frame is damaged without frame alignment gauges. Especially unitized body ones. If the frame is OK, then the suspension can be check for damage. Failing to properly check the frame would be a big mistake.

  • Instant Adviser

    Instant Adviser

     8 months ago +12

    You may think that's cheap. 20k + taxes + shipping, and you got 4k lbs of scrap metal. ...

  • Hey Look It's That Guy.

    Hey Look It's That Guy.

     7 months ago +8

    I love how he just gets straight to the point in the intro

  • Alpha Gamer

    Alpha Gamer

     7 days ago

    But If You Maki It Like A Real GTR,
    Appreciate That Bro, And Tell How Did You Rebuild It

  • Wise


     7 months ago +58

    What an absolute waste of money though and everyone can see that. Even if Copart deducted a percentage for the sponsor this was not worth it.