Should Dinosaurs be Unbanned? (Feat. Casually Explained)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
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  • NightBot Check mark and wrench

    NightBot Check mark and wrench

     5 months ago +3359

    I think the dinosaurs would have no chance in today’s meta. They would be seen as dangerous by humans. We all know what happens to builds that humans don’t like.

  • Connor Rivers

    Connor Rivers

     5 months ago +3093

    Damn, this dude got an interview with God.

  • JackgarPrime


     3 months ago +1943

    "Players thought it would be funny to shorten their arms" - God

  • Russell Wen

    Russell Wen

     3 months ago +956

    I forgot how bad the graphics were in the 100,000,000's... So feel fortunate that the graphics have improved to this level today.

  • apóvlitos


     5 months ago +947

    This guy turned history into a game.... We need to make a game exactly like this

  • realitant


     3 months ago +440

    "you must be at least 65 million years old to view this content."
    I mean, I guess that's technically true haha

  • TheChowitzer


     4 months ago +226

    "We tried to buff the herbivores by adding two horns to the uniceratops..."
    I laughed so hard I farted.

  • cocokitty


     5 months ago +374

    5:51 a great example of an afk herbivore

  • Jeffrey Huang

    Jeffrey Huang

     5 months ago +377

    2:11 Kangaroo equals T-Rex... I'm done

  • Kalenz


     3 months ago +337

    You didn't address the sea server at all. What about the mosasaurus for example.

  • Snake or Break

    Snake or Break

     6 months ago +274

    0:12 Ankylosaurus used Destiny Bond!
    Tyrannosaurus used Bite!
    It's super effective!
    A critical hit!
    Ankylosaurus fainted!
    Ankylosaurus took its attacker down with it!
    0:18 - 0:29

  • Friendly Metroid

    Friendly Metroid

     3 months ago +114

    I got a PERFECT pterosaur ability combo...
    A week later dinos were banned

  • jonasba276


     a years ago +1088

    I was so pissed when they banned all the dinosaurs. I litterally got my T-rex to max level a few days before the patch. After that I quit the game for a while, but I started playing again in 2001, as a human ofc because they're just so OP. So I really hope they don't nerf or ban humans because I swear to god then I'm quitting this game foever. Also heard a rumor about the servers shutting down soon because the humans just ruined it. That would suck even more than them just getting banned...

  • grayson hellyer

    grayson hellyer

     3 months ago +84

    Carnivore spawns, human deploys attack helicopter tool

  • War Monkey

    War Monkey

     3 months ago +64

    All in favor of pet velociraptors say aye

  • HackermanACK


     2 months ago +86

    But wait.. Dinosaurs are technically unbanned

  • Vojin Milojkovic

    Vojin Milojkovic

     4 months ago +47

    I just started playing the game
    and i found your guides mot hapeful and noob friendly
    thank you senpai

  • Nils Kätzchenfleisch

    Nils Kätzchenfleisch

     5 months ago +65

    If we manage to unban dinosaurs we are officially more powerful than the Devs

  • Alexmor2004


     3 months ago +41

    Elephants are a bit op, don't you think. The only reason they're almost extinct is because of the hyper op humans

  • Duece Papoose

    Duece Papoose

     5 months ago +55

    You OP at transitions to those sponsors. S class. Best I’ve ever seen.