CGI Animated Short Film HD "Spellbound " by Ying Wu & Lizzia Xu | CGMeetup

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 5, 2016
  • CGI 3d Animated Spellbound Short Film by Ying Wu and Lizzia Xu. Featured on"Spell Bound" is an animated short film about a lonely girl, Rene, who is jealous of her perfect sister Sunny but must save her after writing negative thoughts in her diary that unexpectedly transform into monsters.A film by Ying Wu and Lizzia Xu & by Garret Crosby Design by Glenn Goa At Ringling College of Art and Design to CGMeetup for more inspiring content! More CGI & VFX Animated Short Films: CGI & VFX Animated Short Films: Take a look at our curated list of CGI & VFX Animated Short Films created by CGI artists and studios from all around the globe.FOLLOW US:Website: and http://www.cgmeetup.comYouTube TO GET FEATURED?All CGI artists, studios or schools who would like their work featured or published on CGMeetup please apply below. We’re looking for short films, commercial spots, breakdowns, showreels etc. Submit here → or http://www.cgmeetup.comContact us here → Note: All videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected artists, studios or schools or part of the Creative Commons license. more details or to dispute please contact us at CGMeetup:CGMeetup is the #1 inspiration resource for all CGI, VFX, 3D and Digital artists. We feature a wide variety of CGI content including behind-the-scenes, vfx breakdowns, short films & showreels.CGMeetup also serves as networking resource for CGI Professionals. Professionals use CGMeetup to exchange ideas, knowledge & jobopportunities.CGI Animated Short Film HD "Spellbound " by Ying Wu & Lizzia Xu | CGMeetup
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  • Random_ Gremlin_Creature

     2 years ago

    this is why i dont keep a diary because i would just right "i hate my life" and then those little things would try to kill me

  • Rio Nakamura

     1 years ago

    Sans The GeckoAppleBat same

  • Jake Dubiel

     1 years ago

    J Is For Jeffrey halarious

  • Ethan Tam

     8 months ago

    So if I write "I hate thanos" then...

  • •Little Miss Infinity•

     5 days ago

    It worked

  • Cucumber Flurry

     11 days ago

    @Matcha Bernardo WHY IS GAMORA

  • Kaitlin

     8 months ago

    Does anyone else notice that her name is sunny, like bright and the other girls name is Rene, like rain?

  • Anna I.

     a months ago

    Lucy Lin yeah it is but it’s spelt Rene

  • Hari V

     a months ago

    Hidden details!

  • Quantum Proton

     8 months ago

    So we got the loser sister, and the perfect sister.

  • SteelRyan

     26 days ago

    @ShadowSamuel Very fitting

  • ShadowSamuel

     1 months ago

    It's sad when sibling rivalry turns into Cain and Abel.

  • angel

     11 months ago

    Now I know why she hates sunny so much... because of in a heartbeat *THE JUdgEMeNT*

  • ᴛɪᴛꜱ

     21 days ago

    @Sateeva 83 No prob.

  • Sateeva 83

     21 days ago

    @ᴛɪᴛꜱ ahhh now i understand😂 thank you

  • Your Straightsexual friend Is actually heterosexual

     2 years ago

    "I hate Sunny""Hate's a strong word""Kill Sunny""WTF!!!"

  • gael villarreal

     9 months ago

    tha heck with your name

  • Irene Maria Ruiz Solano

     1 years ago

    You forgot "Sunny is the homophobic girl from In A Heartbeat"

  • NireNoodle XD

     8 months ago

    1:26 that reminds me of a scene in spirited away 😂😂

  • Su Pollard

     21 days ago

    I think of Totoro tbh

  • Mary345 Teo

     2 months ago


  • David James

     4 months ago

    1:53 KILL SUNNY that’s soo creppy

  • Daily Banana

     3 days ago

    David James it’s creepy not creppy

  • Meow it’s Nani

     1 months ago

    1:51 who else thought of Venom when they saw thisLike if u agree

  • SoneBoy Farish

     1 months ago

    Wtf me. Its just that

  • Luchie Jeon

     7 months ago

    Hating others is like killing yourself on purpose. Loving others is like loving yourself too.

  • Jungle aka Jungkook


    Luchie Jeon ARMY!!