The story behind China and Italy's new alliance | CNBC Reports

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Italy has become the latest European country to join China's Belt and Road Initiative. So what brings China to Europe? And why is Italy so receptive? CNBC's Joumanna Bercetche reports from Rome.


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  • tay sezginer

    tay sezginer

     5 days ago

    Stupid, stupid,Italian's, they won't know what hit them,when the Chinese take over all of Italy!

  • Abhishek Jackson

    Abhishek Jackson

     7 days ago

    Europe wouldn't even care about China
    Reason & interest china economic power makes other countries attract to them
    China wil. Easily take western Europe
    China is smart size population economic power is wisely use by china

  • Nickson Sic nawab

    Nickson Sic nawab

     7 days ago

    Trump is lier' so countries like Italy have to look opportunity elsewhere.

  • Cjango Freeman

    Cjango Freeman

     14 days ago

    Predatory practice? America has over 800 military bases around the globe and have spent $trillions invading and destabilizing countries that do not fall in line with its Jewish Zionist control. Millions of people were murdered and China has not dropped a single bomb or pressured countries to sign up to the New Silk Road. Countries who have signed up to the Belt and Road have benefited economically and infra-structurally.

  • 盛世騰龍


     21 days ago

    Italy is smart. End of the story.

  • Atin Hazra

    Atin Hazra

     21 days ago

    italy will suffer the same way countries like sri lanka, pakistan, Indonesia and african nations by opening their country to china which ONLY provides poison gift disguised as trade.

    italy will have to pay for this in future

  • nomad 59

    nomad 59

     a months ago

    Italy is up for sales... china will invade italy soon. its the greater plan of china to first collapse the economy than provide with unpayable loan and than snatch the country when they can't repay the loan,,, look up on internet. china has been doing the same tactics with many smaller countries

  • Jarrod Yuki

    Jarrod Yuki

     2 months ago

    italy has many chinese expats, the most out of all eu nations.

  • Mike Tsang

    Mike Tsang

     2 months ago

    God she is gorgeous!

  • Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

    Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

     2 months ago

    Like your data and the presenter, good work. Thanks

  • mayer chris

    mayer chris

     2 months ago

    Give me the name of this girl ! She is pretty

  • channel168


     2 months ago

    What is this Belt and Road Initiative? US have completed a Carrier routes ..or whatever you want to call it.. complete with alliances, ports and large fleets. They are selling US LCD display, refrigerators, and coffee makers. Buy some soya beans, and spend the rest in Italy? BTW, they cannot buy 737 max, for some more time.

  • Robert Huang

    Robert Huang

     3 months ago

    Remember no one force you to borrow money. Evaluating risk is the key point, but not blame others who land you money as a excuse to not be a social adult.

  • Dario Mendoza

    Dario Mendoza

     3 months ago

    being Catholic Italy doesnt want to side with the usa which is governed by protestants you better off with CHINA!!!

  • Paul Tudor

    Paul Tudor

     3 months ago

    China does not learn. China has loaned millions if not billions to African countries the same as the europeans have then had to write off the debit. Italy like other southern European countries have never been good at money management. Used to have raging inflation before joining the EURO. Italy will just milk China for all it can get then default on then loan.

  • Richard Kong

    Richard Kong

     3 months ago +2

    Marco Polo's dreams are still alive today. Well done Italy.

  • busy boy

    busy boy

     3 months ago

    Europeans preach freedom BUT THEY DO NOT HAVE THE GUTS to stop purchasing Made in China.
    So if you sell your soul x cash ,do not preach.
    Italy is a Cinderella country with a Pinocchio gov.
    Nobody is surprise.

  • Mentula Magna

    Mentula Magna

     3 months ago

    Im Italian and the Truth is they want to regulare and manipulate all the trade with China...I mean Government want to tax and control everything...sinca now is very convenient for us buy and work with Chinese

  • Isolde L

    Isolde L

     4 months ago +2

    Italy is such a great country and great people. If I have all the Italian food and wine and products in China I would be in heaven. 😂 I think when Italian economy recovers it's gonna be safer and cleaner. I really hope one day I can walk in Napoli without being worried safty and no cigarette butts. I believe it's not gonna be far away when people are employed and have jobs. I love Italy so much I would retire there.

  • Peter Wang

    Peter Wang

     4 months ago

    2000years ago, Silk Road was about Rome and China now 2000 years later numerous cowboys notwithstanding civilization is still about Rome and China and the land and neighboring countries around.