AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 - Real Differences after 1 week!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 8, 2019
  • I've been using AirPods Pro for 1 week, and here's everything I discovered.. along with my thoughts on if they're actually worth the extra cash over the AirPods 2.
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    Apple's AirPods Pro are changing the game once again! But the question is.. are they actually worth the massive $250 price tag?

    I'll give you my thoughts after spending 1 week with AirPods Pro compared to a couple of years with the regular AirPods.

    There are some very interesting findings in this video!

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  • Max Tech

    Max Tech

     a months ago +169

    Do you think the AirPods Pro are ACTUALLY worth $250? Let us know down below!
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    DEFINITELY Buy these AirPods ➡

  • Retro Bacon

    Retro Bacon

     4 hours ago

    I’m only here for the crab rave

  • molliWop


     6 hours ago +1

    who else is watching this but can’t afford either one 😔

  • TulRid


     12 hours ago

    They both suck, get galaxy buds

  • 민트Mint


     12 hours ago

    Is it recommended for people who like to listen to music with low volume? I'm hoping to avoid turning up the volume in louder environments/places by using its noise cancellation feature. Is the lowest volume setting truly low? Some earphones I've tried have a loud "lowest volume" setting :(

  • Lil Cracker

    Lil Cracker

     14 hours ago


    Can’t take my mind off the wart 😦

  • liu tony

    liu tony

     15 hours ago

    Wired buds easily go over $500 without noise reduction whatsoever. Sony top ear buds is almost $2000. The noise reduction and transparency mode definitely worth it.

  • David Gilbert

    David Gilbert


    AirPods are so cool

  • PCJ


     2 days ago +8

    This mans voice does not match his build

  • Mr GTS 747

    Mr GTS 747

     3 days ago

    The AirPod Pro's absolutely suck compared to the standard AirPods. 1) The pressure gave me a headache. 2) You cant were these for long periods of time. 3) The sound quality is not much better then the AP 2nd gen that I have. 4) The tap feature on the AP 2nd gen is so handy on the move and easy to use, having to actually grab the AirPod to make changes is a joke - you wont get used to it as other reviews have mentioned.

  • HeEr B25

    HeEr B25

     3 days ago

    your airpods pro are fake

  • MrBluewhales


     3 days ago +1

    Very well explained and information are very useful and relatable. Keep it up with the videos mate!

  • Rap Fan Businessman

    Rap Fan Businessman

     3 days ago

    Which one sounds better on the other end of a call?

  • Jonathan Raue

    Jonathan Raue

     4 days ago

    Just a little reminder: your Tidal test wasn’t really worth much, since the AirPods always stream at 256 kBit/s AAC.

  • Ali


     4 days ago +1

    I tried these today at the Apple store and I was disappointed. While it has neat features like transparency and noise cancelling the sound quality is very disappoint. Not worth £250 at all. You are better off getting the Airpods 2 which sound better in my opinion. Coming from an audiophile, I have had all the headphones from Sennheisers, Bose to Beats. For £250 you would expect really good sound quality but its not the case. I will wait for Airpods Pro 2 if they make those.

  • Sean Keaney

    Sean Keaney

     4 days ago

    airpods or that shape earphone has always been uncomfortable, in ear to me will always be better, powerbeats style earphones just don't feel comfortable either to me, so it just depends on what your more comfortable with.

  • Dani Hernandez

    Dani Hernandez

     4 days ago

    So what were the cons?

  • Bob omb

    Bob omb

     4 days ago

    Joe Rohan podcast check it out!!

  • Kyle


     4 days ago

    Are the earpieces made of silly cone

  • Salvus


     4 days ago

    What about transparency mode ? I can hear what happens around me but I feel it uncomfortable when talking on the phone and hearing my voice almost muted