Eating with the World’s Most Isolated Tribe!!! The Tree People of Papua, Indonesia!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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    » Korowai People

    1. KOROWAI COMPOUND: Nibun + Sago Grub + Sago Beatles + River Fish + Pica
    Address: Near Dekai, Papua, Indonesia

    NIBUN: Cut down wild palm tree and scoop out white liquid in the middle.

    SAGO GRUB + BEATLES: Retrieve food from dead sago tree. Grill sago grubs and beetles on open fire.

    SAGO GRUB (Pizza): Lay out grata leaves. Spread dried sago into a circle. Spread pica into a circle on top of sago. Place ripped up jo (fern) on top of both. Sprinkle more of the pica on top of jo. Rip heads off grubs and split in half. Then throw them on top of powders and fern. Add more fern. Add more pica on top. Wrap in grata leaves, placing hot stones in the leaves and bundle it all together, tying it with twine. Place on the fire with stone on top. Allow it to cook for 35-45 minutes.

    RIVER FISH: Lay out grata leaf and spread pica over it. Lay river fish in the middle. Fold up and secure with twine. Place on fire with hot stones and allow to cook.

    SAGO GRUBS + PICA: Spread pica in a leaf. Rip sago grubs in half and place on top of pica. Place more pica on top. Wrap up and place on fire until cooked.
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  • VK Westie 3021

    VK Westie 3021

     an hour ago

    3:08 typical white man tactics hahaha you got him lmao

  • NF team

    NF team

     2 hours ago

    Apakah hanya saya yang melihat video ini yang dari Indonesia..🙏🤝🤝

  • Maria Castellanos

    Maria Castellanos

     2 hours ago

    So they'll eat maggots but keep the pig as a pet?😟

  • Fus1oN COlD

    Fus1oN COlD

     3 hours ago

    And i say mc Donald food is bad 😐

  • Ajcadcfkdsooln Dreklzevisdfi

    Ajcadcfkdsooln Dreklzevisdfi

     3 hours ago +1

    I read this as “ eating the worlds most isolated tribe.”

  • Harison Son

    Harison Son

     4 hours ago

    I.have do explore next area in koroway but treehouse 35.m

  • blusters troop

    blusters troop

     8 hours ago

    After watching this I vomited 3 times

  • Farida life's story

    Farida life's story

     8 hours ago

    Did he really just eat that worm clay pudding 🤢

  • Transcendental Arts

    Transcendental Arts

     9 hours ago

    So isolated that they wear western clothes and smoke Marlboro.

  • Gabrielle .G

    Gabrielle .G

     10 hours ago

    Isnt there actually an isolated tribe living on an island somewhere that hasn't even discovered fire yet? Think there is a law that says it's illegal to try and contact them because they kill anyone who tries.

  • HZGaming4U


     10 hours ago

    I really have to pass on this nasty food I'm sorry lol 😭😭😭

  • englishmanspeaks


     14 hours ago

    was gonna watch but couldn't listen to another over-enthusiastic American

  • Sodgerel Nymdawaa

    Sodgerel Nymdawaa

     18 hours ago

    Isolated my ass wearing shirts and shorts with backpacks ?

  • gleb tsurakov

    gleb tsurakov

     20 hours ago

    Leave them alone

  • Lebogang Xulu

    Lebogang Xulu

     21 hours ago

    This video was amazing, I love how this guy tried to assimilate and let them take charge rather than the usual patronising approach westerners have toward indigenous tribes.

  • Devan Andrew

    Devan Andrew

     22 hours ago

    Offers cig and gives cancer

  • Najee Cole

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    The most isolated tribe..... And you bring them cigarettes???

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    except sentinel island

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  • M. Sulaiman

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    Im from indonesia