GOT7 "Miracle" M/V Teaser Video

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
  • GOT7 "Miracle" M/V Teaser VideoFind GOT7 "Present : YOU" &ME Edition on iTunes & Apple Music Spotify[GOT7 Official] http://got7.jype.com & Apple Music #PresentYOUandME #MiracleCopyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • may thao

    may thao

     8 months ago +357

    imagine looking out your window and seeing jinyoung... can’t relate

  • Got7 Always

    Got7 Always

     8 months ago +648

    Confession + just right + lullaby = miracle

  • Hoshi The hamster

    Hoshi The hamster

     8 months ago +205

    Got7 is a miracle
    Youngjae is a miracle
    JB is a miracle
    Yugyeom is a miracle
    BAMBAM is a miracle
    Jackson is a miracle
    Mark is a miracle
    Jinyoung is a miracle
    Igot7s are also a miracle cuz without them Got7 would not be supported
    JYP is a miracle cuz without JYP there would be no Got7,stray kids,day6,twice,or any other idols that r in JYP ❤️

  • Cassie A.

    Cassie A.

     8 months ago +172

    I just preordered all 3 versions of the album today.... I’m seriously trash but for Got7 it’s worth it. Lol. But I’m only keeping one for me, giving one version to a friend and one version to my sister for Christmas.

  • Double Dab

    Double Dab

     8 months ago +67

    ให้ความรู้สึกแบบ วันคริสต์มาส เปิดประตูออกมา แล้วเจอเจ้าชายหิมะแบมแบมยืนรออยู่หน้าประตูอ้ะ >///< อยากจิวิ่งเข้าไปหาแล้วกอดแน่นๆ 💚💚💚 แบมแบมน่าจะแสดงแนวแฟนตาซีเนอะ คนอะไรไม่รู้หล่อขึ้นๆๆ ทุกคัมแบ็คเลย อ๊ากกก หลงหนักมากกก

  • engain


     8 months ago +263

    (sees jinyoung): uwu
    (sees mark): uwu
    (sees jackson): uwu
    (sees jb): uwu
    (sees yugyeom): uwu
    (sees youngjae): uwu
    (sees bambam): uwu
    true ahgase culture

  • Double Dab

    Double Dab

     8 months ago +222

    They all look like angels >__<
    Especially BamBam.... He is my gorgeous snow prince from fairy tale 💚💚💚 How could you do this to me..... Make me fall for you more and more 💚💚💚 ร้ากกกน้าาาา

  • Jam Session

    Jam Session

     8 months ago +84

    I love how everyone had smiles or looks that invited warmth and all, then get to Yugyeom & his face is saying “I made cookies, eat them or I’ll stab you”. (Can’t wait for miracle!!!!)

  • Mei Chi

    Mei Chi

     8 months ago +79

    MiRACLE is coming tomorrow ahgases! Remember, our goal is to surpassed Lullaby's record of 10M in a day, so lets bring Miracle to more than 10M or as much as possible 15M. It's a ballad song so lets double our efforts since ballad songs in Kpop groups doesn't get much attention unlike songs with dances. But everytime our boys sing, you can feel their emotions and their harmonies are amazing! And Miracle is another song for us so lets give back to them the huge love they've been showing us. Fighting birdies! 💚🐥

  • ah_ shaz_

    ah_ shaz_

     8 months ago +30

    I hope this song can bring them to the international worldwide 🌍.... just like BTS ... and I hope this song will be better than the last one ☝️ and I wish that this song would make their best album ever so far as well ...... and they will more successful and also I wish this song will on the top level in the billboard music 🎶 🎵 in the world 🌎

  • Niharika Ghosh

    Niharika Ghosh

     8 months ago +691

    GOT7 saved Christmas as well as 2018

  • Multifandom Trash

    Multifandom Trash

     8 months ago +26

    Why am I streaming the teaser???

  • KirschColaHase


     8 months ago +5

    OMG jinyoung I cry he is to beautiful

  • Aysha Mantici

    Aysha Mantici

     8 months ago +20

    Jackson + Jinyoung + JB + BamBam + Mark + Yugyeom + Youngjae = The best Miracle in the universe

  • jaehyunie


     8 months ago +19

    jaebum and jinyoung killing me🤧♥

  • Jinyoung'swae


     8 months ago +515

    Ahgase around the world let's cry

  • shahadat lablu

    shahadat lablu

     8 months ago +13

    just took my soul away XD XD.
    I am super exited.
    Yugyeom's smile
    Bambams eyes was litteraly killing me.

  • Nikita Athokpam

    Nikita Athokpam

     8 months ago +9

    Jackson's look🔥🔥 😍😍
    It kills me 😭
    Jackson u r a monster 😘
    GOT7 saranghae 💖❤💖
    From Manipur, India.

  • ranford90


     8 months ago +9

    All I want for Christmas is
    For Bambam to notice me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • JinyoungThePotato


     8 months ago +21