HOMME (옴므) '사랑이 아냐' Official Teaser

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 1, 2015
  • HOMME (옴므) '사랑이 아냐' Official Teaser
  • Source: https://youtu.be/XW_2UN_e7tU


  • rose dew

     3 years ago

    guys, we should support bighit's artists not only BTS tho :) this song sounds so good ^^

  • Ah Ra Ma

     3 years ago

    this is song does sound really nice.. well, most of us know bighit through bangtan.. let's LoVe great arts..

  • Clueless

     3 years ago


  • Krin K

     3 years ago

    Please stop telling your disappointment and misunderstanding~This is HOMME new song! I wanna listen the full song and just can't wait for the MV!Homme /Changmin oppa&Lee hyun oppa hwaiting!!!!!

  • KristineeeCA

     3 years ago

    ^Thank you~^

  • Jason Saw

     3 years ago

    Sigh...I have a feeling that ARMY might be only the same level as EXO-L in future. Admit it, BTS are just too good that even non kpop fans and young kids like them. I realise there are a lot of fans got introduced to kpop through BTS but please learn to show respect. peace.

  • Turtlesowo

     11 months ago

    Jason Saw although I’m very late, after two years and coming back here to look at this comment. This is very and utterly completely true. As I wasn’t a very long Army, but when I first joined this fandom things were different. As I look back now and look at now I mean, there’s still some of the Army’s that actually kept me in the fandom. Just the “newer” armys don’t under what respect is, and the fandom aren’t peaceful or kind as before. And I hate how every time there’s a video, and people with “bts” ...

  • flwrchild

     3 years ago

    @Celine Lague ^maybe after a couple years, the immature fans will move on to a new craze and the more considerate fanbase will grow respectively :) but I agree, they really do deserve this level of recognition.

  • Slow Luna

     3 years ago

    Am i the only one who's here for homme

  • Red Obiado

     3 years ago

    +루나지 no ur not the only one.

  • Bobby Babo

     3 years ago

    +태방 Don't worry, you're not alone ! I'm here too, ahah

  • Erina Pettersen

     3 years ago

    This sounds amazing, can't wait for the MV!I hope people will stop complaining that this wasn't BTS, and start supporting HOMME💪🏻

  • Jenny Olvera

     3 years ago

    let's be respectful towards HOMME army since we are here for might as well wish them luck in their comeback

  • Mari Jimenez

     3 years ago

    Are we all just going to ignore the fact of how beautiful his voice is?

  • Helen Huynh

     3 years ago

    I love Homme, their voices are always so refreshing to listen to :') HOMME FIGHTING!


     3 years ago

    Lol I click because it's big hit thought it was BTS

  • valerie

     3 years ago


  • Shaniah Penn

     3 years ago

    Me too

  • RhodainChristJesus

     3 years ago

    broskis... Y'all know how to read titles tho right? XD let's be excited for Homme too