TXT YEONJUN (연준) THEORY/REACTION | ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ 투모로우바이투게더

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • We solved the Morse Code & I gave you guys one of my crazy theories for TXT and the Bighit Universe. What do you guys think? I hope you enjoyed my reaction. Thank you for watching!

    Original video: https://www.thclips.net/video/mBJKh/video.html


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/YNov4fx0GGY


  • CrushCherry


     9 hours ago +1

    I saw this great theory and I really want to share it. If you want to find the full video it's called 'Why TxT is gonna be a dark concept' So at the time I think only 1 or 2 of the introduction films had been released. But the morse code spelt 'dreaming' right? So what if the upbeat, colourful and happy themed videos that we're being shown is actually the members dreams? It's what the want because their reality is so bad.
    I loved that theory and I stand by it, I only found your channel today babes and I love it, your videos and you 💜

  • Andes Zheiddinne

    Andes Zheiddinne

     20 hours ago

    Do you remember when bang pdnim recommend us to a manga called the promised neverland? There's a lot of morse code in the story. It's about orphans who seem to lived in a happy orphanage but it was actually all a lie. The orphanage was actually a human farm to feed demons. They're actually lived in a demon world. And these group of orphan kids leads by emma decide to run away and find a way to the human world with the help of an adult human named minerva who communicate with them from the human world using morse code a lot.

  • Andes Zheiddinne

    Andes Zheiddinne

     20 hours ago

    Isn't he looks a lil bit like eric nam?

  • Julieta Giménez

    Julieta Giménez

     2 days ago

    Cicada who? I only know BigHit 😂

  • adam cheng

    adam cheng

     6 days ago

    Yeonjun has some V facial features because of the deep eyes gazing and slightly sharp nose.

  • deenarazif


     8 days ago

    Maybe bighit will completely show each members of txt by 20 or 21 january. And there is sun eclipse will happen on 21 january which it is similar to that 2 circles on txtbighit website

  • B Kim

    B Kim

     9 days ago

    OMG - I also saw the BH image of the two circles as a Venn Diagram when it first appeared. I’m glad I’m not the only math nerd🤪. TY always for your insightful videos. Love them. Also love that you are pointing out the uniqueness of these new TXT members. Yes there will be plenty of comparisons but what makes an individual or group stand out from the crowd are the unique qualities each member or unit possess.

  • Mavie Ramirez

    Mavie Ramirez

     9 days ago

    Actually there might be an intersection between BTS' and TXT's storyline. Here's the link of the video where Bang PD talks about BTS universe
    -> https://www.thclips.net/video/wWGA1jQ2K4o/video.html

  • Fawaz Abbas

    Fawaz Abbas

     9 days ago

    React to the second member.

  • seewhaticcurious1


     9 days ago

    Second member is out now too!! 😄

  • dabtop 2009

    dabtop 2009

     9 days ago

    react to astro new song coming in January 16th please react to it

  • ChimmyTae


     9 days ago

    Any big hit related vids makes me feel dumb..

  • Alla gomaz

    Alla gomaz

     9 days ago

    Plzz do soobin morze code❤

  • Jikook_ Love

    Jikook_ Love

     9 days ago

    It will be 5 members..

  • Mavie Ramirez

    Mavie Ramirez

     9 days ago

    Alright! So here's my theory. Pause at 2:05 -> alien creature sign, 2:36 -> the screen of the computers (milkyway/galaxy), 2:48 "UFO CATCHERMON" (the claw machine), and the use of a morse code at the end of the video. I think TXT's concept is going to be about UFO/Outer space concept. And I think TXT's storyline/universe is going to be different from BTS' but somehow still connected (Jin having the ability to time travel. Maybe he's from TXT's universe, just maybe). And I think BTS's MAMA Japan 2018 Anpanman outfit performance (watch it here: https://www.thclips.net/video/gT0Fo-30X_U/video.html is also a hint for the upcoming debut of TXT. Haha Yay these are the hints that I gathered from watching this over and over again haha and this what happens when Bighit start to mess up with my head haha This is just my theory guys, so dont attack me



     10 days ago

    I really am interested in this video he’s doing crazy things, playing with toys, maybe he’s hyperactive (I’m not against That, I am 2) or maybe Aspergers( you might not know what it is so search it up and I’m not against that, I have it 2, it’s the lowest form of autism.)

  • _Aumairah_ Love

    _Aumairah_ Love

     10 days ago +1

    Aish theories make me go crazy!!!

  • Shanenfaith Cano

    Shanenfaith Cano

     10 days ago


  • Tayy S

    Tayy S

     10 days ago

    BTS - No More Dream
    TXT - Dreaming

  • Afroja Zannat Nilpory

    Afroja Zannat Nilpory

     10 days ago

    There 5 member in txt maybe😖😖😖 because I in twtter.