The traffic solution most cities haven't tried

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 3, 2019
  • Congestion pricing works – just look at London.Become a Video Lab member! York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced a plan to bring congestion pricing to New York City. The goal is to raise money for the city’s crumbling public transit system and reclaim the dangerously busy city streets. But what is congestion pricing, and can it actually solve all our transit woes? We took a look at London, a city that enacted a congestion charge in 2003, to see some of the benefits. Check out the video above to learn more.For further reading look to our sister site, Curbed: information on New York’s potential earnings and benefits: a closer look at how much money is wasted sitting in traffic: – Check out this article by Nicole Badstuber on how London congestion pricing has started to level out and the plans the city has in place to bring revenue back up: The headline for this video has been updated since publishing.Previous headline: How London is fighting its nightmare is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:
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  • Charlie Bond

     1 months ago

    Install ziplines between skyscrapers = problem solved

  • Mur'La Aurelius

     9 days ago

    Hey that's actually a good idea

  • Mauricio Rojas

     22 days ago

    In La paz Bolivia they have a cable car system that replaces bus and trains It goes everywhere in the city for about 90km

  • Michael K

     1 months ago

    A technique we haven't tried yet:Drive like youre playing GTA

  • Deception Thundercracker

     15 days ago

    People are waaaaaaay ahead of you

  • kusumalaras ayu

     1 months ago

    Must try

  • Eusunt Dac

     1 months ago

    Exemptions for cars with more than 9 seats: everyone buy a bus!

  • Jerry LostinAz

     18 days ago

    lincon navagator FTW!!!!!

  • Emma Taylor

     21 days ago

    It’s to encourage more people to take the bus, so that bus tickets don’t go up, as busses are more environmentally friendly as they carry more people

  • Detective Butters

     1 months ago

    A technique we haven’t tried: The PURGE 😈

  • George Pearson

     1 months ago

    Not going to lie New York but if you’re going to do a congestion charge, you will have to improve your collapsing subways etc.

  • Walker1444

     11 days ago

    Sam fax i agree completely chief

  • Isaac Guandique

     14 days ago

    Ummmmm...they mention that in the video..the tariffs will fund the subway system

  • George

     1 months ago

    It literally looks like it's quicker to walk during NYC's rush hour than drive..

  • AwpitheAwper

     7 hours ago

    The traffic solution that American cities are not investing in: Public transport

  • Abbieq11

     1 months ago

    Just make that, more pedestrian safe zones, and a good bike lane

  • EternalLurker

     15 days ago

    Bike Lanes destroyed NYC. People in NYC can not afford a place inside the city. They have to drive in. Only the rich will be able to drive around NY without caring. The poor with families who must drive in will suffer. Btw, the Holland tunnel already charges 12.50 during peak hours ..

  • Robert Ruffo

     24 days ago

    @Miren Summers Uh no... Every bicycle is carrying a person who would potentially otherwise be in a car. Bicycles take up very little space and create no pollution whatsoever.

  • Fopdoodler

     1 months ago

    In the Netherlands, we approached this problem through cycling paths and stuff like that.

  • EternalLurker

     15 days ago

    In NYC, we can't afford to buy housing within biking area

  • Michael O

     22 days ago

    I'm from the US and I'm studying in Delft. Beautiful town

  • Michael Donovan

     1 months ago

    You didn't bring up the other problem it creates: more traffic on the outer ring. So you'll improve the traffic by 9% within the zone, and increase traffic outside. Have fun on 59th... have fun when taxis/ubers don't want to cross the bridges/tunnels!