Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Route 209 [Lofi Remix]

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 25, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/YXXFzrbu8tc


  • JedGotDahBread


     9 hours ago

    Johnny Canal Pokemon trades?

  • Some Salty Bois

    Some Salty Bois

     11 hours ago

    You just got a new sub

  • Bastard GOOSE

    Bastard GOOSE


    Why do they have doorstops have noses.

  • Lewis Emanuel

    Lewis Emanuel

     14 days ago

    Mannn this is unbelievable. Nostalgia is high right now.

  • Pono Gordo

    Pono Gordo

     14 days ago

    1...21 guns

  • heath


     21 days ago

    If Ludwig ever makes another playlist, I’m suggesting this to him

  • Fred


     21 days ago

    A wild Bidoof has appeared

  • Megu Chan

    Megu Chan

     21 days ago

    ugh why sword and shield
    why didnt they just make a primal diamond and pearl

  • Florian Lorenz

    Florian Lorenz

     21 days ago

    I frkn LOVE these Lo-fi remixes !

  • Raniya san

    Raniya san

     28 days ago

    Sinnoh remakes when

  • NeyZz_13


     28 days ago


  • arys kurniawan

    arys kurniawan

     1 months ago +1

    Who came here because of Pokemon Reborn?

  • Venandi


     1 months ago +2

    Funny story with this vid, specifically the background

    I actually saw that picture on the wall of my art teacher’s classroom, apparently a student gifted it to him. I recognized the picture from this video and I was actually worried if there was plagiarism at play. But my teacher told me the name of the student, I checked this video and sure enough, it was the same name.

    Small world

  • Pixx Gokou

    Pixx Gokou

     1 months ago

    this is in general my favorite Pokémon Theme ever, and holy this makes it only better

  • Cidney Savoie

    Cidney Savoie

     1 months ago

    Sounds so sad!

  • Hunter Leclair

    Hunter Leclair

     1 months ago

    Is it only me questioning why there are pidove in Sinnoh?

  • Alasdair Films

    Alasdair Films

     1 months ago

    Feel like shit just want Sinnoh back

  • Weeb Fitness

    Weeb Fitness

     1 months ago

    This picture is so cute that it somehow makes me sad.



     2 months ago

    it truly touch's my heart,sweet old memories

  • TheDashQuota


     2 months ago

    Lucas's nose piss me off