The Muslim world's workforce is changing fast | CNBC Reports

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • More than 50 million women have entered the workforce in Muslim-majority countries since the year 2000. And their numbers are likely to go up. CNBC's Elizabeth Schulze reports on a new generation of workers shaping the global economy.-----Subscribe to us on YouTube: to CNBC Life on YouTube: our Facebook page: us on Instagram: us on Twitter:
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  • Provident Fund Commissioner

     7 months ago

    Equal labour force participation is bs, u cutie. Now, even two incomes don't suffice to run a household. Most two earners hardly have any kids.

  • catholic rapist chirch

     7 months ago

    This is great if it's true,there was so much instability in the muslim world from pakistan to Afghanistan to Libya to Syria etc because women weren't in a position to contribute to society,if this trend holds i expect a much better middle East in 20-30years

  • Abdul Basit Shaikh

     7 months ago

    The LOVE & POSITIVITY on this page is just too much to handle..! You can literally hear the keyboards rattling with kindness and respect.

  • WHAT? Why? How? Shaikh

     7 months ago

    Its not islamic culture, it's asian culture. In india only around 28% (2017) women are involved in workforce. Same In Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and srilanka. At the time of Muhammad s.a.w. women were allowed to involve in workforce, they were allowed to ride 🏇. Even at the time of Abu Bakr few women involved in battle also.

  • Neazy Army

     2 months ago

    Even chinese has this practice of favoring their male children. Its a worldwide trend. Not just in mualim world. But they love to single out islam i guess

  • Enki Enlil

     5 months ago

    @Bablu 1999 U don't know Muslim culture better than Muslims so shut up plz and see them growing like they were growing in Ottoman Empire.. The west gave women's freedom just 100 years ago they could even own land.. Muslims caring and being protective about womens doesn't mean chaining them with law... Whole west was a patriarchal structure too.. Women's got right to vote after 1920 in Usa..

  • yungdadi

     2 months ago

    The best team this network has.

  • Mister Mood

     7 months ago

    Good for them

  • Data Entry

     7 months ago

    Thank you for the video.

  • Sinbad Returns

     7 months ago

    In the past, US use to do better propaganda. Now they make it too obvious

  • HaryBear

     7 months ago

    Only a 1/4 of what she says is true

  • Faizan Hasan

     7 months ago

    It's much needed