Agust D ‘give it to me’ MV

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 18, 2016
  • Agust D ‘give it to me’Agust D’s ‘Agust D’, the first mixtape album with 10 songs, includes the title track ‘Agust D’, ‘give it to me’, ‘so far away’ and more. Get ‘give it to me’ on:iTunes (US only): Spotify: BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, KoreaCreditsDirector: Sungwook Kim (OUI)Connect with BTS:http://www.ibighit.com
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  • Jungkookie

     2 months ago

    *Its hard to think he's the one called Lil meow meow*

  • Jungkookie

     8 days ago

    @luna_glow & angel_violet playz_gacha my bias is Jungkook and I just loved Hobi in this picture. I also love every single one of them they are my sons 😖😖😭😭💜💜

  • luna_glow & angel_violet playz_gacha

     8 days ago

    may i ask whos your bias😂cus ur profile is sunshine hobi ur name is kookie???or are u an OT7😂

  • Gacha Jessie

     14 days ago

    *lil meow meow left the chat* ...*biaswrecker Agust D joined the chat*

  • Fork Knife

     4 days ago

    Wow lil rawr rawr

  • Rainbow Pearls

     6 days ago

    @Myla Manriza big rawr rawr


     14 days ago

    Suga's rapping is faster than my WIFI ;-;

  • Stay Pressed

     2 hours ago

    han the delivery is trash and unoriginal, just another idol rapper tryna prove he’s good because he can talk fast, even the lyrics to the rap is trash.

  • 민BHEE



  • Thaa daily

     19 days ago

    New army : oh,Suga is so rudeAnd cruel.Old Army : Oh,lil kitty~meow meow

  • asi key


    He can be both when he wants hehe

  • BTSforever 101

     2 days ago

    Perfect Duality

  • April with luv

     8 days ago

    *Who's your bias?*Me: Suga *Who's your biaswrecker?*Me: *_AgUsTd!_*Edit: Thank you so much for the likes 120 is awsome

  • كاتوكاري_ سان

     3 days ago

    Same xd

  • Blink and Army

     1 months ago

    Roses are redViolets are blue I love suga Like if u do too

  • Gacha Potato

     50 minutes ago

    You’re probably thirsty for likes... no offense

  • Kenny, RM's Crab

     1 months ago

    Jumanji G I like him but I won’t like.

  • Hugs and UwUs

     18 days ago

    me: whos your BTS bias?Friend: i cant pick between Suga or Agust Dme: i get your choices

  • CakeDen Eat

     11 days ago

    No one:Just nobody:Me: GI GIVE IT TO ME😂

  • F*ck you all who take Advantage of my kindness


    Give it to me what 😏😏😏

  • typical cutae

     19 days ago

    his laugh still gives cold chill in my whole body well daaamnnn🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Erin Loughran

     9 days ago

    Eminem; I’m the fastest rapper Suga; hold my bowl of sugar