[MV] 옹성우 (ONG SEONG WU) - HEART SIGN (Prod. Flow Blow)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
  • [#PEPSIxSTARSHIP]2019 #PEPSI x #STARSHIP PROJECT#HEART SIGN (Prod. Flow Blow)#옹성우 #ONG SEONG WU #플로우블로우 #Flow Blow 2019.06.11 6PM#THELOVEOFSUMMER#옹성우 #플로우블로우#판타지오 #FANTAGIOiTunes :https://music.apple.com/us/album/hear...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/bVDBEEkWJHM


  • LIGHT Onme

    LIGHT Onme

     2 months ago +13697

    How Many People Love Ong Seongwoo ?

  • Kwlvin


     28 days ago +1277

    1.2k dislikes from Coke because they are jealous Pepsi got Ong Seongwu first

  • 호은다니엘


     7 days ago +257

    who watching his new drama AT EİGHTEEN???

  • haibara20


     14 days ago +581

    Know him since Produce 101. But start to stan him because his new drama At Eighteen.

  • arti manoji

    arti manoji

     14 days ago +166

    ok i came here after watching at eighteen...and now m head over heels for him

  • Cute Giant

    Cute Giant

     2 months ago +3093

    Do you think ong seong woo is perfect???💯
    Yes = like
    No = comment

  • Fahima Rahman

    Fahima Rahman

     21 days ago +437

    almost 10M for not even a debut MV but a partnership mv!! wow ong's power

  • kz 23

    kz 23

     21 days ago +238

    I'm just hear 'We Always Wanna One" 😢😢
    I'm sorry but, that's so real in my ear!

  • wannable wannaone

    wannable wannaone

     21 days ago +235

    Wannable here to support seong woo
    10M fighting!!!!!

  • Golden Maknae

    Golden Maknae

     5 days ago +32

    came to see the series "At Eighteen" ended up loving Ong Seongwoo

  • Risla Auliya

    Risla Auliya

     2 months ago +575

    Seongwoo : "We always Wanna One"
    Wannable : "We always Wannable :)"



     28 days ago +134

    His new drama is good too, check it out if you have time👍👍
    Drama name: moment at eighteen

  • thejorb P

    thejorb P

     14 days ago +159

    Let’s hit 10M before his new OST song come!

  • Elizabeth Loh

    Elizabeth Loh

     14 days ago +248

    Guys, Onge's OST is being released on the 5th of August!!! Can we get this to 1 0 m before then?

  • 《긔여미》햬빏._.


     21 days ago +236

    No other Pepsi ad is better than this . . .  Like if u agree XD

  • Wannable Wanna One,

    Wannable Wanna One,

     2 months ago +3309

    Do you like ong seong woo????

  • Marvin Andalio

    Marvin Andalio

     1 months ago +211

    Let's go 10 million vi3ws. Stre3m harder WELOs and Wannables. Fighting!

  • Jenni


     7 days ago +60

    This is the first MV where a boy had fun just with his bros and without girls 😂😂

  • no what what

    no what what

     14 days ago +73

    Don't forget to stream Onge's latest song at JTBC Drama channel, he sang OST for the drama At Eighteen

  • bae jinyours

    bae jinyours

     1 months ago +98

    1K unlike from people who don’t know how the taste of music. Sucker🤧