How To: Install Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Over Leopard (Updating Directly From Leopard To Lion)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 26, 2011
  • Please Read Before Watching!!
    This Tutorial is for installing Mac OS X Lion 10.7 over Leopard. Now you can update to Mac OS X Lion directly from Leopard 10.5.x without even upgrading or switching to Snow Leopard first. This is that simple!!. In This Tutorial Video I have trimmed Some sections because they were time consuming. This whole process will take your 30-45 minutes, so don't worry and enjoy!! Have A Nice Day.
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  • Traxer Ltd

     (May 15, 2016)

    Waste of time. Loaded with jumble of piano.

  • ArcadeMachine15 (wescoolya)

     (Jul 23, 2016)


  • Kayce Levy

     (Apr 15, 2014)

    I did exactly as you said after entering the 10.6.7 on text wrangler and saving, the Install OS X... didn't come up. Is there any advice for things to look into or check out? If it makes a difference, when saving on text wrangler it didn't ask me for my username and password. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Kouti Sokolata

     (Jun 4, 2015)

    mine does not show this image? what do I do?

  • Bernard 007war

     (Mar 10, 2014)

    i will try that,,,i wish it work,,,coz i really like to  upgrade my mac os 10.5.8...

  • Philipp Blucke

     (Aug 5, 2015)

    is it also possible with an USB stick insteat of a DVD ?

  • luis

     (Aug 4, 2016)

    I used usb for my iMac 2007 I was on 10.4.11 I upgraded to 10.6.8

  • Hady Tawil

     (May 25, 2015)

    When I did everything and after I saved in text wrangler nothing showed up on my desktop

  • Kheliner

     (May 3, 2016)

    what is the text wrangler

  • Bernard 007war

     (Mar 14, 2014)

    do i need to buy mac os lion application,,or the disk that i burn is the one i used also?

  • putra ismah

     (Feb 8, 2015)


  • Berry

     (Jul 7, 2015)

    i dont have text wrangler >:(

  • ratabass

     (Oct 1, 2018)

  • Sassy Kiki

     (Aug 14, 2018)

    I tried the link but it didn't work I got an error

  • AmyRosy

     (Jan 21, 2014)

    how do you use a USB instead of a disk on here?

  • tsar

     (Jan 24, 2014)

    Copy the Mac OS X Lion DMG file onto your USB drive.   It kicks in at 01:16 in this video, at which point you need to insert the USB drive onto your mac;   what happens this point on is identical between using of a disk or USB drive.