The Batman Final Batsuit Will Be More Epic Than You Think

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 4, 2020
  • The Batman Final Batsuit Is Going To Be Epic
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    Matt Reeves’ The Batman will be out on June 25, 2021, with Robert Pattinson starring as our new Caped Crusader. Despite the movie still being in the early stages of filming, we know what the new Bat suit will look like. After a little tease from Reeves in the form of a camera test, the paparazzi gave us our full look at the new batsuit during filming in Glasgow.

    The new suit has already sparked many debates between fans. Some love the new style, others hate and others are somewhere in between. The suit is different for sure, but it also feels fresh and unique compared to the previous movie suits we got.

    Matt Reeves is clearly taking notes from different comic books and even video games. But, looking at the suit, it’s very clear that this is only the first suit Batman will wear in the film, a suit he has assembled in his early crime fighting career.

    According to reports, it’s very likely that we will get a second suit in The Batman film and that suit will likely be much better than the one we saw in the set pictures.

    Clearly, this version of the suit will be more armored, which goes hand in hand with some of the comic book versions Reeves took inspiration from. And it’s very possible that the final suit will be something along the lines of Batman’s suit from Batman: Arkham Knight and the 2018’s limited series Batman: Damned.
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