I Tried A 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine For A Month

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 19, 2017
  • I have always been curious about the 10-step korean skincare routine, so I tried it for an entire month to see how it was & if there were any noticeable benefits! I tried a oil cleanser, water-based cleanser, scrub, toner, essence, moisturizer, eye cream, night serum, and SPF every day and night for 31 days to see if they live up to the hype!

    To clarify, I stopped using the sheet masks after the first week and I used the scrub 3-4 times a week! So I guess it was more like ~450 applications a month. I got my kit here: https://sokoglam.com/products/10-step-skincare-routine-set-combo

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  • Safiya Nygaard

     (Sep 19, 2017)

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i just wanted to clarify, i know ur not supposed to put on a scrub every single day, i used the scrub like 3-4 times a week! i had a line in the video about it and i think we cut it for some reason. so i guess my math was wrong and it was more like ~450 applications! thanks & sorry for the confusion!!saf

  • Tammy Green

     (Mar 16, 2019)

    I scrub daily. 😲Is that bad????

  • Holly Ellery

     (Jan 10, 2019)

    500th reply !!

  • Loren E

     (Sep 20, 2017)

    Honestly I’m just wondering how many videos you are shooting for at any one time. Props for the great organisational skills 👌🏼

  • Ella Powell

     (Jan 9, 2019)

    I’ve been thinking about that a lot. You can definitely tell she got started on buzzfeed

  • Emmalog

     (Mar 23, 2018)

    She's amazing!

  • Carol Simonson

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    I’m very old. I could be your grandmother...but I’m not. Your humor and videos give me a daily smile and laugh. You’re going places girl. When you get there I can brag I watched you on YouTube. That will make me very popular. Keep up the good work! We all need someone like you in our lives to balance out the crazy. You are striking and beautiful. Gmama

  • ei

     (5 hours ago)

    So adorable, I Stan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • fleuria

     (4 days ago)

    so wholesome ... my heart ...

  • Katie McKenzie

     (Oct 4, 2018)

    I'm spitting. like 3 weeks ago my mom bought like all of the products i can't believe she watched this and copied it

  • Lilom

     (5 days ago)

    Is her skin better????

  • Henni

     (Oct 22, 2018)

    i know that this is off topic, but i am hairy asf and seeing that another woman actually rocks having hair on their arms made me feel like i dont need to shave all the time.

  • Daniëlle Bosma

     (Mar 18, 2019)

    +Anna Ël if you look like gorilla after 2 days you have extremely fast growing hair. Try sugar waxing, it has longer lasting results than normal shaving or waxing. I personally have blond hair but my moustache hair is a little dark than my blonde hair. But it's not too noticeable

  • Stargal26362

     (Jul 28, 2018)

    The beautiful thing about the Korean skin care routine is that you can customize it for what your needs are for your skin. Maybe use the 10 steps for a special occasion and use 5 steps for everyday. I’ve started doing the double cleansing, a gentle exfoliater (due to my oily skin type), toning, essence, and a moisturizer w spf. Sheet masks twice a week and eye cream will be added when I have enough money for it. Also for anyone that has oily skin please make sure to rub the essence in your hand for at ...

  • indianfun destination

     (2 days ago)

    Hi aditi.. Thank you for your reply.. I am start using that green tea night gel of plum.. it's hardly 4 days..but my pimple down slowly.. very slowly.. and I orded one of their ( plum) face wash..green tea pore cleansing face wash.. let's see. Can u suggest me any eye cream.. or one more favour..any suggestion for hair fall.. oily scalp... dry length .. using meera hair fall shampoo..any time I put my hand in hair.. it fall.. so mostly hair bun..pls reply if possible

  • Aditi singh

     (2 days ago)

    +indianfun destination try having neem capsules or some way of neem supplement.Be gentle with your skin. Use a gentle cleanser like citaphil or a really good quality anti acne face wash,follow it up with a toner like innisfree green tea range or even plum green tea basically anything which is light but hydrating remember to not use cotton pads but clean hands to pat that onto your face next wear a eye cream as you are 30+ anti aging is best.apply Neutrogena water gel moisturizer with a drop of tea tree...

  • jesus christ

     (Sep 19, 2017)

    glad you did it for a month and not for a week. we can acc see the results

  • Ellie L

     (Mar 31, 2019)

    Well, how can you see the results, skin recirculate every 28 days, one month is nothing.

  • Mikayla Marinelli

     (Aug 20, 2018)

    **Sits there, eating burnt poptarts while watching the good ' ol Safiya**

  • sarah hessian

     (Jan 5, 2019)

    Thank God I'm not the only one eating crispy poptarts.

  • Aimee

     (Dec 5, 2018)

    i’m eating burnt chicken nuggets hehe

  • devilisouse Shay

     (Jul 15, 2018)

    “It’s like a greenhouse for your moustache” I’m dead🤣

  • trezzia

     (Oct 1, 2018)

    Safiya, I see the noticable difference on your face on day 31. Your face looks very bouncy and youthful and moisturized. You can see how flawless when you put on makeup. Bad skin shows patchy complexion no matter how good ur foundations are (I have dry skin). I notice if I took a diligent skincare regime, my fave would look bright and youthful but when Im being lazy (and lack of sleep), I got a dull face and my makeup makes it even drier. Its horrible.