Yubin "Thank U Soooo Much" M/V

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/eiCDZYdPmys


  • TheMixdancemix


     7 months ago +1948

    Yubin may be the forgotten member of the Wonder Girls but she will always be my favorite. And even though her retro style of music may not be popular among this generation of Kpop fans, it will never get old. This song and Lady prove that. She is a strikingly beautiful and sultry icon and deserves her status as a queen.

  • Magicaloid 44

    Magicaloid 44

     7 months ago +2014

    Y’all really slept on this comeback huh?

  • anteikuwaiter


     2 months ago +229

    I freakin love Yubin I swear. She needs another comeback. I still listen to both this and lady frequently

  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart

    아가 하트Ahgaheart

     6 months ago +592

    Still makes me sad that people are sleeping on her. JYP needs to promote her more. Honestly, all of the soloist gets minimal promotion. (Jimin says Hello)
    They need to learn to do better promotion and marketing if they don't want to loose artist. JYP kinda sucks at marketing. With such minimal promotions, it's no better than YG keeping their artists in dungeon.

  • Karina Murphy

    Karina Murphy

     8 months ago +344

    Can we have a Yubin x Sunmi collab PLEASE

  • shaythebest


     8 months ago +358

    my brother just pointed out that the object that yubin holds as a gun is actually a hair dryer it literally says it on the object handy hannah hair dryer lol I actually thought it was a gun

  • No oNe

    No oNe

     8 months ago +162

    Idk why she is so underrated. She is sooooooo beautiful and her voice. OMG, she is a full package.

  • Zeitgeist


     8 months ago +250

    나는 유빈의 복고가 정말 ‘제대로’라서 좋다. 트렌디하게 모티브만 빌려온 복고풍이 아니고 작정하고 옛날 음악, 뮤비를 재현하려고 하는 게 좋아. 제대로 잘 만든 컨텐츠는 세월이 흘러 다시 찾아도 촌스럽지 않아. 당장 왜 시티팝이 재발견되겠어. 원더걸스의 텔미가 당시엔 트렌디한 복고풍으로 인기를 끌었는데 지금 보면 너무 촌스럽잖아. 나중엔 또 어떨지 모르지만..

  • Dana Ibero

    Dana Ibero

     8 months ago +1666

    Seriously, Yubin has everything. I don't know if you watch the ep where she visited EE.UU and was practicing for her solo debut, she said that when wonder girls disbanded she doesn't know where to start, and every girl in Wonder girls know what to do. She says that Lim always want to study, Sunmi is a successful solo artist, Yenny has created her own music atmosphere, Sohee is a great actress, Sunye has a cute family, but she was like what I'm going to do, and she was going to dropped the music until she realized that she loves to do music. We love such an inspiration and humble queen. I love her since So hot, she is a complete artist and a great performer too. I'm proud, and I love the little rap she put to this song. I was missing the rapper part of my girl.

  • Gabby


     8 months ago +155

    Yubin is just bringing back the 80s style. And I’m not complaining at all, I love this sm ❤️❤️❤️

  • Win Win

    Win Win

     7 months ago +57

    someone on twitter got a lot of likes for saying wg paved the way, but these ppl are nowhere to be seen to support this legend with her amazing comeback

  • NaoMi _29

    NaoMi _29

     6 months ago +92

    I like this kind of Kpop song better cuz it's sick and so beautiful! Hope Yubin would stay this kind of retro concept through out her songs in the future. How I wish she would be more famous and popular like hyuna or sunmi 😔 So dissapointed to see that her songs underrated 😞

  • Spirit


     4 months ago +28

    It really bugs me how lots of kpop fans are sleeping on Yubin. We rarely get artists who have a voice as unique as hers and an artist who is bold and works so well with pulling off the retro concept as well as yubin does. I wish so bad she was up there at the top of the charts with Sunmi cos imagine what this chick could pull with the popularity that Sumni gets!
    (Btw no hate on Sunmi I love her as well)

  • Haziq Faizi

    Haziq Faizi

     8 months ago +1747

    Owhhh Thanks For those 1.3K Likes❤❤❤

  • Nafisa Rahman

    Nafisa Rahman

     8 months ago +574

    Better than solo by a mile

  • 체리나무


     8 months ago +160

    개인적으론 숙녀가 더 좋네... 유빈이 솔로 냈는지 불렀는지 조차 몰랐었는데 어찌어찌 클릭클릭하다 듣게 됐는데 간주부터가 너무 좋던디 무한반복으로 들었었음... 홍보가 덜 되서 그런건지 진짜 찾아서 듣지 않음 좀처럼 여느 곳에선 들을수 없는 노래였음 적어도 내 기준엔..;; 그때 좀더 팍팍 밀어줬음 좀 더 뜨지 않았었을까하는 아쉬움...선미랑 비교되서 더 아쉽고...

  • black coffee

    black coffee

     8 months ago +133

    유빈이 젊고이쁜데 그래서 뭐? 젊고 이쁘면 다양한 컨셉시도하면 안돼고 무조건 예쁘게만 컨셉잡고 무대위에서 나이뻐요 해야하냐? 오히려 다양한 모습보여주는게 더 좋다. 유빈이라서 할 수 있는거고 유빈이어서 소화사 된다는 반증같다 이 뮤비가. 앞으로도 이런 노력 계속 해줬음 좋겠다. 세기말엔 사이버펑크가 뭐 대중한테 쉽게 다 받아들여져서 그때 당시 컨셉으로 남아있냐? 그때도 다 거부감 느끼는 사람많앗다 ㅋㅋ.

  • 똠양꿍


     7 months ago +34

    확실히 제왑이 레트로풍은 진짜 잘 뽑는다 언니 너무 예뻐요ㅜㅅㅜ 뮤비 컨셉 춤 비주얼 노래 다 완벽해요 화이팅해요,,

  • Bunny teeth

    Bunny teeth

     8 months ago +775

    YUBIN THE QUEEN OF MODERN RETRO. We love a unique sister.

  • Mawi Purba

    Mawi Purba

     yesterday +1

    Yubin stay with WG retro music. Cool