i lost

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 17, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/h24UFvlL8A0


  • TimmyDarkWolf


     4 hours ago

    2:45 im pissing my self

  • Shahid Ssebulime

    Shahid Ssebulime

     6 hours ago

    the 2 points was a right call and the reason u got given the knockdown was very lucky. also the way u got him down was just plain illegal because u held his head, repeatedly hit him and then punched him twice when he was down so don't say the outcome wasn't right cuz u know in your heart it is

  • A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid

    A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid

     6 hours ago

    Fucking piece of shit.

  • Evil Twinz BG Gaming NOTHING

    Evil Twinz BG Gaming NOTHING

     6 hours ago

    Its ok logan you did your best to the fans

  • Omar Dillon

    Omar Dillon

     7 hours ago

    That what happens when youre a cocky douche bag. Not to insult.. just calling it as I see it. you seemed like you needed to be humbled soo thats good I guess



     10 hours ago

    If you gotta explain how u lost then you fucking lost

  • Rainbowsix siege MEMS

    Rainbowsix siege MEMS

     11 hours ago


  • Nithin Andrews

    Nithin Andrews

     12 hours ago

    Lost is a lossssdddd in 4hnys
    Usdnmkjht.gtgbcrv v rev.

  • Nithin Andrews

    Nithin Andrews

     12 hours ago

    He is a dick....

  • vbg0913


     13 hours ago +1

    Your still my favorite :3

  • Sam


     15 hours ago +2

    Logan Paul: I sneezed three times

    6ix9ine: He only sneezed twice

  • Jean Fields

    Jean Fields

     16 hours ago

    “Losing is for winners and winning is for losing will anyone believe that” ~ Logan Paul

  • Ninja Starlight

    Ninja Starlight

     16 hours ago

    So basically Logan is saying winners are for losers and losers are for winner. And he said he was a winner so is he calling himself self a loser😂🤣

  • FIT Nation

    FIT Nation

     16 hours ago

    Wanna know something else crazy is ur all talking shit but yet none of you can beat Logan so keep being keyboard warriors fuck boys 🤣🖕🏼



     17 hours ago




     17 hours ago +1

    That is a lesson not to be cocky im 14

  • Francis Winters

    Francis Winters

     18 hours ago

    Logan: I don't feel depressed

    Also Logan: looks down in sadness

  • Johnny Luke

    Johnny Luke

     19 hours ago +1


  • Slouve Gaming

    Slouve Gaming

     21 hours ago

    It's ok logan you sneezed 3 times lol

    You got your ass kicked

  • Madolyn Hunley

    Madolyn Hunley

     21 hours ago

    My thing 2u Logan is that you look tired during the fight,and all that hard work and all that talkin about each other going to press conferences was all for nothing in particular, but you are still standing and does not mean you will stop bc I know that u and Jake love boxing and don't give your dream up bc you were beat by ksi😁