Entire House Makeover for Christmas!

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 9, 2019
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  • Ryland Adams

    Ryland Adams

     1 months ago +10978

    I hope you guys like todays video :)) I love decorating the house like the true mom that I am🎄🎄

  • AJ Vanity

    AJ Vanity

     11 hours ago

    Morgan: You’re also dying.
    Ryland: 😳
    Morgan: Your battery’s dying.

  • ༻ Livid Rose ༺•

    ༻ Livid Rose ༺•

     21 hours ago +1

    We love that Ryland became an actual house wife since the engagement 🤍 snapped

  • Panda Surprise

    Panda Surprise

     yesterday +1

    Is Shane okay? He seems very anxious and depressed. Like way to worried about what people think. Stay strong Shane

  • Lisa Sapp

    Lisa Sapp

     yesterday +3

    Shane: aww cheeto likes Gary. look at them.

    also Shane: clearly hears Ryland struggling

    still Shane:*looks at ryland literally dying with stress* "sorry im busy."

  • Lily Smith

    Lily Smith

     2 days ago +1

    At 6:42 the stack of boxes, their is a holo one on the very top. IS THAT HOLO TACO I SPOT!?

  • just chillin

    just chillin

     3 days ago +1

    Originally I wrote a long paragraph about this but can we all stop judging shane for being "whiny and depressed". Saw a comment saying he has money he should go to therapy. But just going there isn't going to puff what he is dealing with away. I know that from personal experience.
    What I'm trying so say It's that it's like a shadow, it's constantly there just looming over you. You'll have periods where you feel top of the world and then bam you don't.
    So don't judge shane. We all handle these situations differently. ❣

  • [ Violet ]

    [ Violet ]

     3 days ago +1

    Ryland is beautiful on the inside and out ♡

  • Purplefox


     3 days ago

    I thought Morgan was vegan for a month in Dec but at breakfast she’s eating egg lmao EXPOSED!

  • Rado Satur

    Rado Satur

     3 days ago

    Morgan has an illustrious career ahead of her! As a deathfat on My 600-lb Life...

  • Missjenassa


     3 days ago

    So why did I just realize my personality is kinda like a Shane and I just realized I need a Ryland to make me complete 😩

    You are so sweet

  • ReBecca Washington

    ReBecca Washington

     4 days ago

    So did you ever do the giveaway??

  • Theresa Rand

    Theresa Rand

     4 days ago

    The bump behind the ear is probably a swollen lymph node. I had that and my sister thought I had a tumor 😂(rumors aren’t funny but she just over reacts) anyways so yeah that’s probably it

  • Lynn Bilbrey

    Lynn Bilbrey

     4 days ago

    “Oh my hell” was the highlight of my day

  • Tata Falaile

    Tata Falaile

     4 days ago

    I subscribed to your channel because I love your taste in home decor. I also love how you vlog about it! Good job Ryland! Hope you do more of these kind of videos!

  • Kylie Sartell

    Kylie Sartell

     4 days ago

    shane reminds me of my dad and that is a great thing btw I love him sooooooo much you guys are both soooooooo funny ... smh

  • Heather's Life

    Heather's Life

     4 days ago

    I have the same Christmas pig decoration!!!!

  • shel bud

    shel bud

     4 days ago

    Shane is the perfect example of a cancer ♋️

  • Caro


     5 days ago

    If anyone needs a wreath I got the girl for you. ps. I know it's January. Also, she makes other crafts for home decor. I love you Ryland!! Keep on making videos like this

  • Stef MARTINO

    Stef MARTINO

     5 days ago

    Ryland stop touching your face constantly. Please