Old RuneScape Soundtrack: Fanfare

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 3, 2012
  • Writer: Ian TaylorCompany: JagexYear: 2004This song was played in Falador.This song is from 2004. If you want to listen more old RuneScape songs please visit my channel.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/k0wd7pAVR1M


  • ajajaaukka


     3 years ago +217

    walking through falador and watch my character march to this song

  • Babbage


     3 years ago +126

    slaying White Knights on the internet since 2000

  • Green Spleen Submarine

    Green Spleen Submarine

     4 years ago +115

    so many white knights fell from my blade

  • Shady


     3 years ago +158

    It's crazy how much a song/music can bring back memories so vividly.

  • SuperHitman55


     3 years ago +101

    The glory of Falador. It's funny how this place used to be my favourite place in game cause of this song and the fact that we had our very own barber :P Oh man, goodbye RuneScape, you will certainly be missed !

  • 0ohelxniiick


     4 years ago +76

    Every day farming coal from the dwarf mine and then go to Falador to make the steel bars... good times :)

  • Fo3AR


     3 years ago +38


  • Sez


     3 years ago +44

    Makin' Steel bars.

  • Word of Wind

    Word of Wind

     4 years ago +61

    Dat 0:55 though

  • Gooscar


     2 years ago +16

    Pretty recently I was on teamspeak with a few of my friends. 2 of them played OSRS at that time. I just decided to loudly "sing" this and the other two people who played RS were able to sing it exactly in tune at the exact right tempo at the same time right after I joined in, it was fucking hilarious. Christ the RS soundtrack is catchy...

  • Central Bureau

    Central Bureau

     3 years ago +32

    drum game on point.

  • Phriswithaph


     3 years ago +19

    I'll never forget. Someone gave me full steel armour on one of my first visits to Falador. I didn't know what to do I was so happy.

  • Slbcampeao1


     4 years ago +22

    Quitted almost 2 years ago, and one of the main reasons was the changes on the music system..
    stupid jagex

  • Daugen


     2 years ago +12

    ''Where did that imp go?''

  • Gannon


     a years ago +5

    Runescape is up there with Ocarina of Time as one of my OST's.
    The melodies, the grooves, the rhythms, harmonies, concepts, composition.. And many more musical terms which makes a great OST.
    I actually think Runescape OST is by definition musically better than what the masses listen to today

  • FlamingoSalad


     2 years ago +14

    buying gf 10k

  • Rigger


     2 years ago +3

    I remember my first few days on RS were spent listening to this as I constantly mined and smithed until I made myself a full set of Steel armour. Memories <3

  • Jack McFaul

    Jack McFaul

     4 years ago +4

    stollin right into fally like a king

  • Frozen Flame

    Frozen Flame

     3 years ago +2

    Crusing around in falador, go down the mine and get all the ore

  • MonkeySmist


     4 years ago

    This track and Nightfall have always been my favorites. Nothing incites nostalgia and coziness for me like those two do.
    Damn, how I miss those days...