Where did Brexit come from? | CNBC Explains

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 10, 2018
  • The Brexit vote has shaken modern politics forever, with the U.K. set to be the first country to ever leave the European Union. But after more than 40 years of membership, how did we get here? CNBC's Tom Chitty and Silvia Amaro explain.-----Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wuoARMSubscribe to CNBC Life on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wAkfMvLike our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/cnbcinternat...Follow us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/cnbcinterna...Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/CNBCi#CNBC #Brexit #History
  • Source: https://youtu.be/kgaL0jOQNR8


  • Sayan guria

    Sayan guria

     6 months ago +30

    After watching this I understand that Charles De Gaule (spelling may be wrong) was right all the time

  • takoleta


     8 months ago +13

    Now get ready for the consequences. France former president DeGaule was right to oppose UK adherence to European Union.

  • Imperator Vespasian

    Imperator Vespasian

     2 months ago +5

    no, Charles de Gaulle didn't believe Britain was European

  • Darius Bakhtari

    Darius Bakhtari

     6 months ago +9

    3:30 you made a mistake on Estonia’s flag : it’s blue black white not white blue black !
    Like in support to Estonia !

  • Suspension of Disbelief

    Suspension of Disbelief

     8 months ago +65

    Brexit is the human version of what a dog would do if it actually caught a car.

  • vorniceanu ionut

    vorniceanu ionut

     4 months ago +10

    Nobody says that the immigrant people have a 20 billion contribution to UK 's budget.

  • idpro83


     6 months ago +8

    Charles de Gaulle was right. They should have never let the UK be part of the EU.
    But soon the EU will be freed of those spoiled cherry picking crybabies. Better late than never.

  • _Bob McCoy

    _Bob McCoy

     8 months ago +20

    They wanted to Exit

  • TheProgrammingJedi



    sad, that Britain is leaving the EU, but I totally understand the reasons

  • Bonde Barca

    Bonde Barca

     8 months ago +27

    I love the way she says "the UK"

  • Simão Filipe

    Simão Filipe

     8 months ago +10

    Bem me parecia que o nome e o sotaque da Silvia Amaro eram Portugueses 🇵🇹

  • jessie christopher lapinid

    jessie christopher lapinid

     7 months ago +3

    Make a video about President Duterte and how his policies changed the political dynamics in the South China Sea

  • Zanzibar979


     6 months ago +3

    Inequality drives the polarisation that has lead to Brexit and Trump.

  • SteelScream88


     3 months ago +1

    Holy hell you actually got the flag of Estonia upside down :D
    Job well done.

  • Guy Willetts

    Guy Willetts

     4 months ago +3

    Can we have some more historical accuracy please. The story didn't begin in 1961, it began in the late 1940s, when Britain refused to join with the coal and steel community, which meant that the UK missed the boat on being a founder member of the EEC in the 50s.
    The EEC wasn't also known as the common market: the EEC had a common market, but it had a lot more than that.
    It wasn't a trading block. It was a political entity from the start, with the aim of preventing war by promoting prosperity through trade. I mean peace between European countries: not war between USA and USSR, neither of which are European but both of which chose our continent as one of the putative battlegrounds for their cold war. In terms of peace and prosperity, it has succeeded spectacularly

  • Ralf Rath

    Ralf Rath

     4 months ago +2

    Brexit is a good idea but after the disaster and chaos in the British Parliament, we all know Britain cannot survive a Brexit. And I even do not mention here the problems with NI! But today the EU does not want that Britain join the EU because of this chaos and of this disaster Brexit is like poison for the EU - and this cannot destroy the UK but maybe the whole EU!😉

  • invest for your future

    invest for your future

     4 months ago +2

    let me see poor British beggars in the streets of London

  • Arthur Heidt

    Arthur Heidt

     2 months ago +4

    brexit was an intelligence test the british have failed

  • Little Giant

    Little Giant

     8 months ago

    Please make a video on DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement)

  • G H

    G H

     8 months ago +89

    This will slowly lead to the collapse of the uk 🇬🇧