Why Lyft Is Losing Money

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
  • Lyft went public on Friday at a valuation above $20 billion, but last year it had a net loss of $911 million. During the roadshow leading up to its IPO, Lyft promised investors it would eventually make 20% EBITDA margins, but it was vague about the timeline and strategy for how it would get there.

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    Lyft Is Losing Money
  • Source: https://youtu.be/l6V9_azp1W4


  • CNBC


     9 months ago +68

    When do you think Lyft will become profitable?

  • glimpseofparadise


     3 days ago

    I like Lyft bettet than Uber. Most cars I've been on Lyft are clean and drivers less sketchy. Uber is cheaper but most Uber cars I've been in, if not messy they smell like cigarette smoke. 🤢🤢🤢

  • John


     7 days ago

    How could u b in da red when u do not have employees.

  • James D'Antoni

    James D'Antoni

     14 days ago

    @6:29 wework? Yikes.

  • Der Steppenwolf

    Der Steppenwolf

     14 days ago

    You should say: Why is Lift loosing money?

  • Josh Mitt

    Josh Mitt

     21 days ago

    Was a Lyft driver, it was a great side hussle

  • fladave99 Mills

    fladave99 Mills

     1 months ago

    TAXI s charge $6.00 per mile. Uber and Lify charge .50 per mile which is RIDICULOUS, They could EASILY charge $3 or $4 per because its STILL WAY CHEAPER than a cab but the MORONS at Uber and Lyft just cant figure out what PROFIT MEANS. EVen NON PROFIT COMPANIES MAKE MONEY. There is NO SUCH THING as a company that does not make money. Uber needs to pay the drivers $2.00 per mile and they get .50 cents. They need to SEARCH MARKETS THAT ARE WILLING TO PAY MORE. REDHAT caters to commerial car dealer transportation and charges $40 per hour, EASILY double what UBER charges, AND pays their drivers $20.00 per hour. ! Airline flights under 1 hour are VERY competitive with UBER but has UBER gone after EITHER if these niches???. NO - THEY ARE TRYING TO COMPETE WITH BUSES. If they had paid people more than SLAVE WAGES this would not be happening because there would not be so many complaints.

  • Mark m

    Mark m

     1 months ago

    I will never do business with Lyft, a terrible scam company. Their driver never showed up and I waited in the rain for an hour. Maybe it is a bad driver, not this company. But then they had the gall to hit my card for a no show fee, when they no showed me. Worse, every attempt I made to call to straighten out the situation led to a dead end, as it was impossible to get anyone on the phone. A dozen emails were answered by snarky auto responses. Finally, I had to contact the attorneys general in my home state and California, in addition to the BBB, to get a response. They are a terrible unethical company. I am easy to please, almost never complain, and always tip. Never use this company; Lyft should be shut down!!

  • Corona light

    Corona light

     1 months ago

    Lyft usually has better prices than uber

  • Frank Siu

    Frank Siu

     1 months ago

    when? 3097 right



     1 months ago

    Lyft Uber giving 30% less year over year since 2011!!

  • gearsofwar3xXx


     1 months ago

    So Lyft has a profit of 20 billion and only lost close to 1 billion. That's nothing to them.

  • Jamie Arzola

    Jamie Arzola

     1 months ago

    Uber pays better and is cheaper.

  • Tom Weaverling

    Tom Weaverling

     1 months ago

    I'll take Lyft. I use it a the time and 99% of the drivers seem like great people.

  • VW


     1 months ago

    of course investors are optimistic for lyft ipo, they want to get bailed out by the public

  • Jan Dom

    Jan Dom

     1 months ago

    Why CNBC is losing money?

  • Johnny thunder iowa

    Johnny thunder iowa

     1 months ago

    #Lyft and #Uber are Ponzi schemes just like Zeek Rewards was ,... now,..they are scamming Investors AND DRIVERS TOO ,..OLDEST TRICKS IN BOOKS ,..

  • Computer Scientist

    Computer Scientist

     1 months ago +1

    in 7 years from now I'm going to look back at this video and laugh because Lyft and Uber and any company that rips off drivers the way both companies do will never be profitable at any time in the future and quite frankly both companies are nothing more than propaganda machines for the greedy executives at the top as these companies have no future

  • Lala


     1 months ago

    Because their HQ's free lunch consist of ripe avocados.

  • Lydia Waweru-Morgan

    Lydia Waweru-Morgan

     2 months ago

    Lyft is no Amazon, sorry.