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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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  • ONCE Forever

    ONCE Forever

     9 months ago +479

    How much people love Twice?
    1Like = 1Once's 💜🍭

  • Tobias Burrell

    Tobias Burrell

     9 months ago +861

    Mina's English stole my existence. Help me ONCE.

  • r e y l l o y d

    r e y l l o y d

     9 months ago +568

    R.I.P replay button😂💖. Mina's english is addicting😭💞

  • cringy kotori uwu

    cringy kotori uwu

     9 months ago +268

    Tzuyu and mina can step on my face thanks

  • Zara Aaliyah

    Zara Aaliyah

     9 months ago +249

    Mina's English😍😍😍💖
    Mina's Voice😍😍😍💕💕

  • Amanda Hang

    Amanda Hang

     9 months ago +433

    I'm getting some "Like Ooh Ahh" vibes. Hoping there's a dance break cause YES is the only answer.

  • Charlotte Sonadow

    Charlotte Sonadow

     9 months ago +319

    To our mina is heard well that make to in English if or if! 💓

  • Tzuyu Eevee

    Tzuyu Eevee

     9 months ago +169

    Mina just killed me then slapped me to bring me back to life for the comeback ❣️

  • blair


     9 months ago +80

    Omg, I’m not gonna forget Mina’s part. It’s so memorable omg.

  • Kim Hj

    Kim Hj

     9 months ago +72

    Mina is too beautiful

  • Tip Tap

    Tip Tap

     9 months ago +2163

    "Hey boy! Look, I am gonna make this simple for you. You got two choices --- Stream or.... Stream"

  • Munex Play

    Munex Play

     9 months ago +28

    Mina's voice is so wonderful.. Mina bias here.. #fanboy too hhahaha

  • Regine Arriba Umbaad

    Regine Arriba Umbaad

     9 months ago +34

    Omg Mina's accent is she speaks fluently

  • Piano Tiles

    Piano Tiles

     9 months ago +25

    Mina "you got 2 choices, yes or yes"
    Me "ummmmmm, im gonna choose... Yes

  • PenguinMina9724_ PeachMomo9609

    PenguinMina9724_ PeachMomo9609

     9 months ago +41

    This is totally gonna be Mina's era

  • soshi stars

    soshi stars

     9 months ago +246

    The outfits remind me of LIKE OOH AHH! Finally! Something similar to their debut!

  • ONCEfoever 9

    ONCEfoever 9

     9 months ago +58

    I say yes because Minaa ahh

  • juliasofea jamil

    juliasofea jamil

     9 months ago +25

    Mina's English is better than my uncle's who is a professor

  • Dafiana arif

    Dafiana arif

     9 months ago +37

    Mina's English so leggit :")

  • Quang Huy Đặng

    Quang Huy Đặng

     9 months ago +21

    Mina so pretty