Top 10 Undrafted Players of All Time | NFL Films

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 11, 2017
  • Although undrafted, these players left their mark in the NFL as legends. NFL Films breaks down the top 10 undrafted players of all time.

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  • scifyry


     4 hours ago

    It's definitely beating the odds for anyone to go undrafted and become a regular starter. I played HS football with a guy who went in the 7th round. Broke all our school records and played great in the ACC but never made an active NFL roster.

  • Nate McCoy

    Nate McCoy

     9 hours ago

    When I think about Wayne Crebet the one thing that comes to mind is he was a badass who didn't wear gloves

  • Ariston Bowers

    Ariston Bowers

     17 hours ago

    Vinatieri, the KICKER, over Warren Moon? Lolok

  • Eric Nar

    Eric Nar


    Why is Romo on this list with his playoff record... entire list is in question after that.

  • Sokar



    Watching these older lists are great simply to see how different people look now

  • 73trident mcrider

    73trident mcrider


    Drew Pearson!

  • Jack Hyatt

    Jack Hyatt


    Sorry but this list is hosed. You really put Adam Vinateri on this list??? I would put Donnie “the Torpedo” Shell on this list ahead of him easily. Warren Moon should be number 1. Tony Romo doesn’t belong either.

  • Donkeies Go bananas

    Donkeies Go bananas

     2 days ago

    Where is Doug Baldwin

  • Sport TV

    Sport TV

     2 days ago

    check out this new sport youtube channel:

  • Jawner


     3 days ago +1

    Watching this the day gates retired:(

  • fjvideo


     3 days ago

    I can't listen to the idiot sportscasters any more. Their comments are inane.

  • jack hamilton

    jack hamilton

     3 days ago

    David Krieg went to a school so small that it closed in the 80's and is now, like, a Walmart parking lot. Walked on to the Seahawks, unseated the starter, and took them to the AFC championship. Kept them competitive year after year, as the team was thick in the bidding for guys like Steve Young and (speaking of Seahawks) Warren Moon. They try to replace him, fail, and he takes them to the playoffs, rinse and repeat. He did it over and over, with pure grit. Example? Against the Chiefs one day, Derrick Thomas sacked him an NFL record seven times. At the last second, Dave shook him off, and hit a back-up receiver for the game-winner. We all chuckled, and turned off the TV. It wasn't a big deal. It was just Dave being Dave. The next year, the team went after the latest frat-boy, and the Chiefs SNAPPED him up. 19 years, six teams, and the guy is in the top 15 in nearly every QB category. All the QB's ahead of him are in the hall, along with several behind him. All he did was over-achieve. Check his stats against Tony Romo. It ain't even close. Mudbone got screwed here. Krieg was clutch, Romo, not so much.



     3 days ago

    Jets Receiver was sick what happened to him.

  • Adalsio


     4 days ago

    Kurt Warner and the greatest show on Turf. Not a Rams fan, but that was the most fun I've ever had watching NFL football.

  • Robert Ireland

    Robert Ireland

     4 days ago

    How could you forget Johnny Unitas

  • Jeff Hall

    Jeff Hall

     4 days ago

    Romo Sucked

  • Lawson Lawson

    Lawson Lawson

     4 days ago

    Where Johnny Unitus??? Walk on pro quarterback???

  • thomas curtis

    thomas curtis

     5 days ago

    Antonio gates should’ve been #1 on this list. Arguably the greatest TE of all time.

  • Mario Saldana

    Mario Saldana

     5 days ago

    Was Drew Pearson a free agent

  • T K

    T K

     5 days ago

    Night Train is the coolest nickname ever!!!