BTS knowing they're hot for 10 minutes straight

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
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  • jamjamj

     7 months ago

    mom if ur watching this, i'm sorry

  • Veshay Brophy-Mahanga

     8 days ago

    what's the song in 2:37

  • Veshay Brophy-Mahanga

     8 days ago

    whats the songs name where your like* jimin w-what*

  • Forgetful Fox

     2 months ago

    I just forgot how to blink for 10 minutes straight

  • -guinevere-

     13 minutes ago


  • BTS Army

     4 days ago

    Forgetful Fox lmao

  • PintoBean

     25 days ago

    *watching baepsae*j-hope stans: well crap,*here we go again.*

  • Mystical Life

     9 hours ago


  • Naomi Mejia


    🤣 well I can’t breathe

  • TaraLynn Maslowski

     21 days ago

    "Wait, wait, wait, let’s play that dance break again...but of some of the members,... *individually* ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jenni Heath

     4 hours ago

    what song is the dance break in? or what show did they perform it in?

  • ѕтєρнαиιє ℓιи

     2 days ago

    ( ॢꈍ૩ꈍ) ॢ

  • Usman Jalloh

     22 days ago

    Dad: *wtf are you watching*Me: DADDD I CAN EXPLAIN!!!

  • Nikki Brooks

     3 hours ago

    No.... we cannot

  • Jazmin Del Campo

     5 hours ago

    The perks of being home alone

  • Taehyung's Queen

     21 days ago

    2:21 ...if you didn't get bias wreaked live in the wrong planet

  • Michaela Isomae

     19 hours ago

    so damn sexy taetae

  • clar._.

     2 days ago

    dont worry hun i get biased wrecked by all bangtan members 😂😂

  • Savage AGUST D

     1 months ago

    “So Jungkook what did you learn from your hyungs?”Jungkook: I’m hot AF

  • Rosalind Sugumar

     6 days ago

    International playboy n world's sexiest man

  • Madelyn Vihanexai

     10 days ago

    Not gonna lie but..

  • Chloe Girl

     27 days ago

    *coughs**wakes up at 6am** thinks about BTS ** '’ why I’m. I aloneeeeeeeeeee!!!!’’* watches BTS once more*

  • Puffballcakesandbts

     9 days ago

    Ha me

  • Nazia Bano

     15 days ago

    Same lol

  • Kelsie King

     28 days ago

    An ad interrupted this beautiful video...But I am not mad because it was a professional fancam of BTS

  • ARMY Forever

     9 hours ago

    Same 😂

  • cat

     2 days ago

    as soon as I read this I got the same ad

  • princess_ lol1234

     14 days ago

    Me whenever tae took his tongue out:*BOY YOU BETTER GET THAT TONGUE BACK INSIDE YOUR MOUTH*

  • yeety face


    @galax›y S. K. R moon. L gurl😂

  • •Tae Tae•

     5 days ago

    galax›y S. K. R moon. L exactly