When you missed the good time to dig wild vegetables, you also missed this spring.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • The spring garden makes me very embarrassedBecause I planted vegetables that I harvested in the summer, and cultivated seedlings.However, this is also the reason for me to collect wild vegetables.Three meals a day,This is also very good!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/nVHw131yfC4


  • Alice Blanchette

    Alice Blanchette

     3 months ago +2854

    when i was a child, i used to pretend i lived like this. it was so relaxing

  • Zachary Dchan

    Zachary Dchan

     1 months ago +515

    Look at how much the nature has to offer us and what we did to the nature.

  • Ieva P

    Ieva P

     21 days ago +273

    I find her videos very therapeutic. Anybody else? :)

  • Bored panda

    Bored panda

     21 days ago +153

    Im starting to think the growing depression and anxiety of our generation has something to do with how little we interact with nature now.

  • hyerim 15

    hyerim 15

     yesterday +3

    Me: Going to the mountains to pick up that look like those what LiZiQi picked up
    Also me: ending up poisoning myself 🤣

  • wingedkateye


     3 months ago +3391

    Here I am unproductively watching her being productive. Anybody else binge-watching this channel?

  • 中国制造 Made in China

    中国制造 Made in China

     1 months ago +192

    For those people (including many Chinese) who can't understand the local accent, at 2:26 Liziqi tried to add more noodles to grandmom, it is much easier to use the chopsticks instead of a spoon to handle the noodles, but Liziqi used the spoon, since she used a wrong tool she had to try so many times to transfer all the noodles to grandmom, Liziqi must have tried many many times, in the end, she eventually got the very last noodle and pass it over to the grandmom, so the grandmom said calmly: "Don't dig and damage the bowl, ok?", Liziqi --- try to control her laughing 2:28 on grandmom's humour.

    Let me know if this helps?

  • dfjkrr druu

    dfjkrr druu

     1 months ago +181

    This channel looks like a glimpse of parallel universe.

  • thors blot

    thors blot

     1 months ago +367

    This girl is ten million times more attractive than any of these instagram monstrosities.

  • Büsra Sterk

    Büsra Sterk

     yesterday +1

    you are just amazing, so much love for nature. I love your every vlog

  • Androniki T.

    Androniki T.

     4 months ago +2120

    I clicked by mistake. Best mistake ever

  • Nancy Chawang

    Nancy Chawang

     5 hours ago +1

    I've watched ur every video...the best is water plot and fresh vegg and also grandma

  • The person you don't care about

    The person you don't care about

     1 months ago +108

    3:07 is basically me every morning

  • Stephen Whitmore

    Stephen Whitmore

     1 months ago +96

    An extremely multi talented and absolutely beautiful woman with an ability to transport us all to an enviable paradise. Thank you for sharing and enabling my escape to pleasant peace of mind. :o) XOXO

  • Bengbengbeng JP

    Bengbengbeng JP

     14 days ago +53

    This woman is worthy of all the likes we could offer.

  • n h

    n h

     3 months ago +1875

    your videos teach me (a westerner) to slow down and pay attention to everything you do. It helps to live in the moment.

  • Sir Nutcracker

    Sir Nutcracker

     1 months ago +66

    Can you imagine, the job itself already hard, and moreover imagining how she repeatedly doing over one scene for the best shoot.

  • Malisha B

    Malisha B

     1 months ago +52

    This helps a lot with my anxiety, bless you.

  • mansao 05

    mansao 05

     1 months ago +34

    hey.. a supermarket with trees and birds...and without paying ...😘.. wunderbar ...Poesie für Augen Herz und Magen-- liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  • Qusai - K

    Qusai - K

     an hour ago

    Does anybody else want that background music or is it just me