I Spent 24 Hours Straight In Insane Asylum

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/nuM0Z4a7kMs


  • Swirl


     1 months ago +3671

    This is how many people want chandler to win a challenge

  • Paul Pieronne

    Paul Pieronne

     7 days ago +2668

    Poor Chandler, he is so nice, and he always gets bad things

  • Cameron Does Stuff

    Cameron Does Stuff

     3 days ago +433

    2:22 “Y’all gaht any beans?”
    -Chris 2019

  • Evan Hoivik

    Evan Hoivik

     7 days ago +1344

    No one going to talk about Chris Super saning out of the duct tape??

  • Mehhh Ehhh

    Mehhh Ehhh

     6 days ago +2680

    This is everyone who feels bad for Chris and Chandler

  • Kadz


     6 months ago +8180

    Can we get a full cover of Chris singing Africa?

  • Thighmangler


     7 days ago +1912

    They all danced ok...
    Just wished there was more arm action

  • master of fire 1032

    master of fire 1032

     7 days ago +766

    "I spend 24 hours in a asylum" ye the title is bad lets change it
    "My friends spend 24 hours in a asylum" there beautiful

  • Flare YT

    Flare YT

     2 days ago +26

    Chris:give it that good zuc
    Also Chris:y’all got any beans?
    Wise words from Chris 2019

  • FBI


     7 days ago +482

    Chris How long do you think your gonna last?
    "banana sundae"

  • Miink


     6 months ago +814

    Doctor: so how did you hurt your shoulder?
    Chandler: wellllllllll...

  • Natalie Houston

    Natalie Houston

     3 days ago +235

    Whoever picks the most trash off the beach (by pound or amount of bags or whatever) wins $ challenge!! Please!!!
    -reposted by everyone

  • Matilda


     yesterday +16

    Why does the title say "I spent 24 hours straight in insane asylum" when Jim didn't even do the challenge 😂

  • Genji Shimada

    Genji Shimada

     3 days ago +45

    is Chandler and Chris ok??? Im worried 🤔🙁😥😥

  • F3BD


     5 days ago +313

    Jimmy you have to do one of these again they’re so funny

  • TRASH 新 ドラゴン

    TRASH 新 ドラゴン

     6 months ago +11359

    I did 3 months, get on my level

  • Snugbeatle A.

    Snugbeatle A.

     2 days ago +22

    “He’s bound to win some day”
    Many challenges later, Chandler wins two challenges in a row.
    Jake always believed. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez

     2 days ago +33

    They're so bored they operated a megaphone effectively without using arms or tools.

  • Kristen’s World

    Kristen’s World

     yesterday +10

    Aww I feel bad fir chandler and Chris! They hade to leave because of medical reasons! Poor guys!

  • Lucia 's world 123

    Lucia 's world 123

     yesterday +15

    Ppl that go into insane asylums must come out more insane after being in that situation...