Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ one week later - more, More, MORE?!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • #GalaxyNote10 #SamsungGalaxyNote10 #GalaxyNote10Review

    The way it usually goes is you go out on a date, and after that first impression you either go for the second one, or you remember there are more fish in the sea. That's the typical case. The problem is when the date is now with a product that's not like the rest. A device that's just as powerful as the sea of flagships in 2019, but then ups the ante with something the rest can't do. That's when things get interesting. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and I've just spent a week with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


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  • Typhoon


     19 hours ago

    Can I quick setup from an iphone

    Edit : grammar

  • Charles July

    Charles July


    I dnt like this nigga Bruh. He keep hating on Samsung.

  • Bry /*

    Bry /*


    Is the sound any better than the Note 9? The only complaint I have about my 9 is that the sound is not great at all.

  • Jay 'Ontario

    Jay 'Ontario

     3 days ago

    8:45 Vinny from Naughty by Nature

  • Branden Loeser

    Branden Loeser

     5 days ago

    Getting the 5g version next week can't wait upgrading from a s7 edge

  • Batman The dark knight

    Batman The dark knight

     6 days ago

    Went from my iPhone 8 plus to a note 10+ instead of a iPhone 11, best thing I have ever done

  • Fiona Wong

    Fiona Wong

     7 days ago

    Hey y'all I'd really appreciate if you guys can help me with one small favor. If you haven't already set up samsung pay, create an account, go to "promos" and enter in my code B54AC. Samsung pay gives gives you cash back for various websites, I've already racked up so many points just by doing my usual online shopping.

  • Helxy


     7 days ago +2

    I’ll buy one pretty soon,switching from Apple to android !

  • Alan Threlfall

    Alan Threlfall

     7 days ago

    Watching my note 10+ 5g came from Huawei mte 20 pro before that I had every galaxy s from the 2 - 7edge. I always thought the notes were to big, but i absolutely love this Phone hands down the best i have ever used

  • Martin


     7 days ago

    thanks for the video. Question, which calendar widget do you use on your home screen ?

  • Taish Tsunematsu

    Taish Tsunematsu

     7 days ago

    Thank you Ice-T

  • Tatavarthi Sandeep

    Tatavarthi Sandeep

     14 days ago

    YouTube showing a iPhone add for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone..🤣🤣🤣

  • Jean-Pierre Richardson

    Jean-Pierre Richardson

     14 days ago

    Just put my kidney up for sale....

  • Mike Stein

    Mike Stein

     14 days ago

    Great review thank you ! Let me ask you this... the single issue I'm having is that on previous models there was a notification indicator (blue LED) that was viewable even when the screen was off or locked. I understand that no similar LED exists on the Note 10... but have you found anything that will perform that task? I looked at the edge lighting but that comes and goes quickly and if you don't see it when it first lights up, it's gone... doesn't seem to be a way to keep it on until manually cleared. Any ideas?

  • martin francis

    martin francis

     14 days ago

    I have owned every single Note device and one S7 Edge. The Note 4, Note 7 and Note 9 were the best Samsung has ever released in my opinion. I bought the Note 10 Plus and I am not impressed. The speaker quality is not as good as the Note 9. Note 9 has a better overall sound. Note 10 Plus sounds loud but has more treble and vibrates the phone when turned all the way up. Phone sound quality not as loud or crisp. I lalso compared wired headphones through AUX port vs using the USB-C port and the sound quality is much lower on the Note 10 Plus. I had to put the volume all the way up. Note 10 Plus did not connect to my bluetooth car stereo. I used an adapter/dongle and the sound was horrible compared to using just the 3.5 port. I use the headphone jack everyday and if you're a serious music/audio person you will recognize the difference. Note 10 Plus also got rid of LED notification, O2/Heart Sensor, physical finger print scanner. Battery and camera are slighty better but not by much, I personally prefer pictures taken on the Note 9. Also check out Danny Widget on YouTube to watch his photo comparison on Note 9 vs Note 10 Plus. I am quite disappointed Samsung took some useful features away.

  • Mike J

    Mike J

     14 days ago

    thats a weird name pronunciation?

  • Black Kush

    Black Kush

     14 days ago

    What hell yeah that phone is beautiful

  • Benjamin Malave Jr.

    Benjamin Malave Jr.

     21 days ago

    What's the point of 1440p+ if you're going to set it to 1080p+?

  • Harley RK

    Harley RK

     21 days ago

    OK, where the link to the transparent case you promised in the video?

  • Clapper Jack

    Clapper Jack

     21 days ago

    3:38 Ah, a man of culture i see.