Stores are starting to track your every move | CNBC Reports

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2019
  • Location-based apps are helping retailers track movement of its customers. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explores how the future of retail is being shaped in China.-----Subscribe to us on YouTube: to CNBC Life on YouTube: our Facebook page: us on Instagram: us on Twitter:
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  • Traishik Akuli

     3 months ago

    This should be illegal

  • James Bond

     3 months ago

    3:25 "we respect privacy" ha ha that's so funny!

  • La Reina Ulloa

     1 months ago

    notice how he stuttered when saying it...

  • Troy Stevens

     2 months ago


  • Jason Wong

     3 months ago

    big corporations r watching our daily activities which is a scary thing

  • bangbangtangahwei

     3 months ago

    And here you are on youtube

  • Mateusz Mateusz

     3 months ago

    "to understand your location" wow what a pretty words to describe manipulation and propaganda

  • Rutwik Navalgund

     3 months ago

    It's so true. If anything is available for free then you are the product.

  • Gweilo mo lo

     3 months ago

    your data has value

  • Azmol Hossain

     3 months ago

    Next time I will go to Gucci and then I will definitely spend time at McDonald's. 😂

  • someguy604

     3 months ago

    Basically to evade all of this, use an 80's brick phone.

  • N M M

     2 months ago

    Or simply leave the phone at home.

  • Diraac Dropper

     3 months ago

    ... Turn your location OFFFFFFF

  • sando wando

     2 months ago

    Wifi, Bt and cellular signals through towers/repeaters. You can transfer location by proximity sensors as well. And yes, rfid, heat signatures, any fluid or food ingredients in your food can be tracked, water can be tracked. Anything you can think of can be tracked.Bottom line: its not about what can be tracked or how. It's all about an obsession to track people which is getting worse and worse.

  • Mohsin Mansoor

     3 months ago

    Free Wifi and 4G do the trick...

  • Saffana Siddiqui

     3 months ago

    They should use this for emergency calls (911 etc) to enable people's to send location. We can install the system in the house....and only when we call an emergency number does it get activated and sends live information to 911

  • Mad lad

     3 months ago

    Why am i so annoyed after seeing this!😕