YourPrincess ~ Playing VS Pokimane | Diamond 4 Ranked Games

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • Preseason games got me like...


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  • Luciano Kopacz

    Luciano Kopacz

     5 days ago

    She's hardstuck d4?

  • Kaela Bayliss

    Kaela Bayliss

     a months ago +2

    This popped up in recommendation and I’m so happy 🥺💖 I need more female league players

  • Monka S

    Monka S

     a months ago

    Song at the end?

  • State Of Fallen - SOF

    State Of Fallen - SOF

     2 months ago

    You're better than pokimane, you're god

  • 무 나지

    무 나지

     3 months ago

    Music at 4:16 pls

  • L U C Y

    L U C Y

     3 months ago


  • nathan pesons

    nathan pesons

     3 months ago

    I LOVE YOUUUUUU u deserve more subscribers 💕😭

  • Kane Citicani

    Kane Citicani

     3 months ago

    6:00 how to tell when a woman is bullshitting

  • Kane Citicani

    Kane Citicani

     3 months ago

    Music at 4:00 please I know it’s from an old game

    Is it chrono trigger?!? Donkey Kong?

  • Esfera Gamer

    Esfera Gamer

     4 months ago

    OUR PRINCESS SHALL SMASH THAT THOITROR'S HEAD (traitor + thot... get it?)

  • garablue TN

    garablue TN

     4 months ago

    i love you <3

  • Nhat Trinh

    Nhat Trinh

     5 months ago

    Hey anyone saw Kaia’s health bar at 666 lmao 3:37

  • AmoKami


     8 months ago

    those aphro moans tho?? thats on point, thats how ya get laid

  • Blazin352


     9 months ago

    Honestly got even more hyped hearing the starcraft music!

  • Blue Rose

    Blue Rose

     9 months ago

    lmao could not remember where that music was from for the longest time. Been a while since i played hearthstone

  • Infinite Power

    Infinite Power

     9 months ago +1

    Min 7:55 damn... you R insted of lantern.. my eyes hurts xdd

  • Soarin Markov

    Soarin Markov

     9 months ago

    That terran music at 8mins thoooo <333



     9 months ago

    your music sucks with all my respict

  • Meme Machine

    Meme Machine

     9 months ago

    She seems like she is genuine, scary femdom kinda shit, but genuine.

    While poki seems rather disingenuous.

  • jkbscopes 123

    jkbscopes 123

     10 months ago

    restoring the light facing the dark
    good choice in music