Here’s Why Big Hit Entertainment Does NOT Have Female Trainees Anymore- KPOP NEWS

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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  • 이하늘

     10 months ago

    I don't think this is all the story of why they only accept male traineesIf you look at BTS, they barely have interactions with other girl groups, even with the collaboration in smart uniform with gfriend They want to avoid scandals, if they debut a girl group BTS can't avoid the topic and rumors will spread, more now that everyone is looking for a opportunity to ruin them Another reason, they may be more comfortable working with a boy group, their style may not suit for girl group, one thing for s...

  • Min Yoongi


    @Nicole Moon nsh


     11 days ago

    Let's tember the collab with gfriend(I think it was gfriend) where the monstrosity known as the Family Song was born urghhhhhhh

  • eclipse.

     11 months ago

    Really disappointed they won't debut a girl group in bighit because of the scandal, sigh.

  • Rose Carmelle Germain

     3 days ago

    I know it might be upsetting but since the beginning of bts the company was a target for bigger ones and the glam scandal made just enough for other companies to mock them plus some people from other fandoms might act immature and start a rumor of bts dating a member of the girl group just to make the group that they are rooting for superior so I think it is rather a smart move of them to not do that

  • Tia Dhillon

     18 days ago

    CC Yang me too

  • Atiny Stay ARMYzen

     10 months ago

    I actually fell in love with glam after BTS but shortly after i found out they disbanded. GLAM wasn't a failure per se they were extremely talented (watch their dance vids and listen to some songs they're awesome) it's just so sad that their whole fortune was destroyed because of 1 memeber.

  • Rose Carmelle Germain

     3 days ago

    They were a "failure" to Korean society so they disbanded

  • Maica Loves BTS

     6 months ago

    Stay ARMYzen you fell in love with GLAM after BTS or Before?

  • mishio _min

     10 months ago

    RESPECT bighit decision.although it's sad maybe Bang Pd he's in trauma due to GLAM by one member did lets MOVE ON we didn't know what comes to the future! people change

  • Noth ing

     13 hours ago

    Wasn't it two members and not just one? It was a saesang fan and and one of them was getting blackmailed?

  • Genesis Thomas

     3 months ago

    He's actively discriminating against women! Wth

  • Asthetic Busan Boys

     10 months ago

    I'm just here chilling while reading the comments below

  • Moon Light

     2 months ago

    Why is this me??!!

  • Precious Oj

     2 months ago

    Can someone get the popcorn 🍿??????

  • KookieHan

     11 months ago

    i hope bighit give one more chance to make a girls only audition... bcs The percentage chance of succes is 70%. bcs bts's fandom (our fandom ARMYs) waiting for this moment.of another group finally under bighit entertainment. I hope after this boys audition and they are became trainee and debuted... I hope,, bighit give us (girls) chance to try :)

  • Rose Carmelle Germain

     3 days ago

    Yeah but keep in mind other fandoms start rumors for bts to fail so it would not be much of a smart move to debut a girl group for both bts and the girl group

  • niyah life :/

     1 months ago

    KookieHan same here

  • llama.03 _

     10 months ago

    But every boy group of Big Hit wont be like BTS. And fans will automatically compare the new boy group with BTS. Producing a gg will be more safe I think. Tbh, the same formula used for bts wont be great for other bgs also.

  • Rose Carmelle Germain

     3 days ago

    Big hit has already been a big target and now they are a much bigger target because of bts and it annoying that people who don't understand why they don't want a girl group start bugging the company it was not your decision don't call them sexist and just let them do what they are doing cause they probably know what is going on behind the scenes between companies that you don't know about so just trust them in what they are doing dang

  • Katie Tucker

     15 days ago

    아이아보카도 comparisons in what way? Their music styles and concepts are completely different. So their music can’t be compared. Comparing personalities of the individual members on the other hand I personally find to be endearing. People see similarities in TXT to young BTS and it brings nostalgia while people have the privilege of watching a group grow up that many didn’t get with BTS. But just because they may compare personalities of the members does not at all mean that TXT is supposed to be exactly li...

  • MJ _

     10 months ago

    Me:*knows everything**clicks anyway*

  • •_ʟɪsᴀ ᴏᴘᴘᴀʀ_•

     22 days ago

    lmao me

  • banana milk

     4 months ago

    me sjbsjsbsbdndo

  • here ivan

     10 months ago

    Honestly SinB and eunha are come from bighit lolBighit just sent them to join GFRIEND

  • Shaina Morales

     3 months ago

    Source music and Bighit ent. CEO are friendsss❤️

  • Shaina Morales

     3 months ago


  • Mrs. Nightmare

     10 months ago

    They just don’t debut girlgroups anymore they train them but eventually send them off to another agency I heard

  • VMin _2park

     10 months ago

    the last girl that they train is Sinb and Eunha and after that no more girl trainess anymore . they also ask both them want to quit or get move to Source Music . Nahh ,Bang PD really trauma and didn't take easy when coming to a girl trainess thing .

  • あああああ

     10 months ago

    Connor's Beautiful Faceu thought you meant s.m ent, there’s 2