BAKING WITH NO HANDS (feat. Rosanna Pansino)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • I baked cupcakes with Rosanna Pansino! BUT.. We tied our hands behind our backs to make it hard! We made Zak eat our feet cupcakes lmao.Rosanna Pansino: my new Merch! ► https://shopsofiedossi.comSubscribe to get my weekly videos! ► is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.And check out my social media:►SnapChat: SofieDossiInstagram: @SofieDossiTwitter: @SofieDossiFacebook: @SofieDossi►Zak's Instagram: @ZakDossiZak's SnapChat: @Zak_DossiZak's YouTube:►Speak another Language? Help translate this video in your language to get featured! : [email protected]
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  • Sofie Dossi

    Sofie Dossi

     6 months ago +3915

    Would you guys eat the cupcakes we made?!?! 😆😂

  • Sophia Weyers

    Sophia Weyers

     6 months ago +2998

    Who else thought Sofie would use her feet the entire time?

  • Sophia Aiello

    Sophia Aiello

     6 months ago +523

    911 what’s your emergency
    hi um there’s a girl on my counter trying to make cupcakes with her feet

  • jelly bean

    jelly bean

     6 months ago +386

    This looks like the cupcakes I made with my hands.

  • Nurin Ron

    Nurin Ron

     5 months ago +172

    They said no using hands, but who says no using feet?
    Edit: wow I have never gotten this many likes before! Thank you for the likes 😊

  • Magical Unicorns

    Magical Unicorns

     6 months ago +201

    Rossana: I'm gonna be like Sofie
    spills oil
    Me: your just like her

  • Alex artist 72

    Alex artist 72

     3 months ago +77

    Waiter:*serves me a cupcake as the dessert*
    Me:Oh what a nice cupcake!How did you make it?
    Waiter: with feet
    Edit:It's a joke oh my gawd -_-

  • 1 Proud American

    1 Proud American

     6 months ago +62

    I haven't laughed this much in along time. So glade I found Your and Rosannas channels.

  • ItsSkai GachaXD

    ItsSkai GachaXD

     5 months ago +39

    Oh look meh two fav YouTubers in the same video
    Oh and press this button TY

  • Claire Karaki

    Claire Karaki

     4 months ago +20

    Here is some chocolate 🍫
    Can you pay for some like to pay

  • Molly M

    Molly M

     6 months ago +850

    If this isn’t friendship then idk what is

  • blissxfull _

    blissxfull _

     1 months ago +16

    Get this girl some help!Her bones are too YOUNG!
    impress of her bones

  • m a r i a

    m a r i a

     5 months ago +14

    Rosana-ima cut it open
    *stabs cake mix bag*
    me-love that

  • KawaiiCookie04


     4 months ago +38

    The whole time I was like

  • Allie Playz

    Allie Playz

     6 months ago +39

    Lol Sofie is better with her feet that her hand haha 😂

  • Alecs Galura

    Alecs Galura

     3 months ago +24

    Sofie Dossi is the icing
    Rosanna is the baker
    Rosanna bakes the cake
    and sofie makes it brighter!

  • ZA - 07LA - Thomas Street MS (1654)

    ZA - 07LA - Thomas Street MS (1654)

     6 months ago +29

    Who else thought the part where Rosana stabbed the knife in the batter bag thing

  • Jasperthe Dog go

    Jasperthe Dog go

     4 months ago +25

    On the cake box it said ‘devils food’!!! They are devils!!
    Jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkj you guys are angels!!

  • Angel Eclipse

    Angel Eclipse

     1 months ago +7

    Step one completed and they already cheated 4 times. Great start!

  • Emily #create!

    Emily #create!

     1 months ago +7

    2:05 lol. 
    Rosanna and kids: "Don't let her cheat. She's really bendy."
    Others: Its called contortion
    Me: She gonna use her feet instead
    Later: Sophie uses her feet
    Me: takes the 5 dollars pleasure doing business