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  • Published on:  Friday, February 8, 2019
  • We finally did it! Words can't explain how huge of a moment this is for me and I'm unbelievably stoked to share it with all of you. Couldn't do any of this without all of your support - here's to another great year!http://LZMFG.comPORSCHE OF BEACHWOOD - https://www.porschebeachwood.comLKQ Orlando - by Ravi - Music by Ryan Little -
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  • Adam LZ

    Adam LZ

     6 months ago +327

    Regarding some of the comments I've been seeing.....
    Totally get how if you haven't seen any of my videos before this can come across as a bit rude - I have a terrible sense of humor and maybe pushed it a bit too far... HOWEVER, the sales guy and I were very cool. He literally started the jokes when we were talking about the wing - saying the old cliche about how its a table for eating food etc. I didn't include some of his jokes to do him a solid because they were corny, but in retrospect I should have seeing how it looks like I'm just messing with him the whole time. Since no one will probably even believe me about this I'm going to shoot him a message so I can screen shot him explaining this a put it on social media.
    I don't care about the finger prints. It was just a joke, then watching the video while editing I thought it was funny to put a counter on. People that watch my videos know that I don't care about this stuff... Especially the jokes about the car not having mechanical seats or push to start.... I literally drive around bare bones drift cars every day - I'm just doing a terrible job at making dad-jokes literally trying to make-fun of the snobs that buy race cars and whine about features. This car is getting beat on a track..... Sub if you want to see that instead of the typical BS videos people make with their exotic cars at car shows and other lame stuff. LOL!

  • Finley Cartmell

    Finley Cartmell

     6 months ago +610

    Traded the wife for a GT3, truly the year of the flex.

  • Jeroen Reyns

    Jeroen Reyns

     6 months ago +204

    ok you got a bit douchy my friend, salesman is just trying to do his job...

  • Ivan Dimov

    Ivan Dimov

     6 months ago +91

    As someone who worked in car sales, that guy did not get bothered AT ALL. He has so many wankers come in an waste his time that Adam could literally cuss at him all day and as long as he drives the car, he will be happy.

  • freestyle101


     6 months ago +40

    Damn man been watching for years, gota say trolling the salesman was a low blow, you're better than that bro

  • Smoke_tr33_everyday!


     6 months ago +45

    Ive sold cars for a living, Chevrolet, Nissan, Subaru . Ive had some pretty douchey customers. Some nit pick stuff like Adam was jokingly and are serious about it. In my opinion Adam wasn't a douche just having fun and enjoying the experience . In sales you have to kind of blend with different personality types. Ive been watching Adam LZ since he had around 10,000 subscribers , keep up the great work and continue living the dream.!

  • James Richard

    James Richard

     6 months ago +924

    TJ Hunt buys a wrecked Ferrari, Adam buys a new GT3RS. Talk about flex.

  • donkeycuong


     6 months ago +464

    lol Adam.. Truly a changed guy. You used to be so humble... what happened..

  • Austin Graham

    Austin Graham

     6 months ago +220

    Been watching you for 5-6 years now. Kinda sad to see you like this man. I was more excited for you than you were in the video. Not to mention awfully arrogant. Whats goin on man??

  • Stig’s Danish Cousin

    Stig’s Danish Cousin

     6 months ago +151

    Gotta lose the Pedo stache tho

  • Jack Kost

    Jack Kost

     6 months ago +116

    I hate how Adam is putting fails for things that Porsche purposefully didn't include in the car. It's a race car Adam, not a Rolls-Royce. Know what you're buying before you criticize it.

  • Ben Majkowski

    Ben Majkowski

     6 months ago +759

    Anyone else Remember the time when it was just the Miata, mini, bmw, and the 240

  • evoL nivleK

    evoL nivleK

     6 months ago +472

    Your attitude ruins this video. Congrats on the car. Work on being an adult.

  • K Fuj

    K Fuj

     6 months ago +18

    Go to a dealership in Japan... They’ll touch your $20k Prius with white gloves.

  • sti727


     6 months ago +3

    I’ve been watching you for years, but the finger print thing is way too much.
    You my friend just got an unsub :)

  • Ek


     6 months ago +9

    39:35 adresses his attitude

  • IClementsI176


     6 months ago +1494

    Replaced his wife with a Porsche

  • Salem Al-Dhulaie

    Salem Al-Dhulaie

     6 months ago +4

    Bro ur attitude tho 🤦🏽‍♂️
    Poor guy had to take all of that

  • Nour Hummadi

    Nour Hummadi

     6 months ago +567

    Bro I respect you normally, and I’m proud of your accomplishment. But honestly I would call that salesman back and apologize for your attitude. I mean come on finger prints? Have respect for the guy showing you everything about your new car.

  • Rockinguitar101


     6 months ago +5

    I normally wont watch a long video but I enjoyed every bit of it, Congratulations Adam!!!