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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 13, 2017
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  • Yazz Productions

    Yazz Productions

     2 years ago +987

    Who misses the old Wassabi Productions?
    Edit: Thank you to everyone for 750+ likes on my comment!

  • Healena xoxo

    Healena xoxo

     10 months ago +787

    Anyone here after the break up??😭😭💔

  • Ava Hanley

    Ava Hanley

     10 months ago +489

    I miss Laurex 😞😘😔😣☹️🙁😕

  • Generation suck

    Generation suck

     10 months ago +504

    i watch this video after i watch the broke up vids :(

  • Kate Christiansen

    Kate Christiansen

     11 months ago +352

    Im sad this was the best couple on yt and now they broke up 😭😭😭😭

  • Maddie n Gibbs !

    Maddie n Gibbs !

     2 years ago +2430

    remember when they promised the would collab on a vid

  • Sophie Vann

    Sophie Vann

     a years ago +109

    "She wants meh"

  • Molly Wright

    Molly Wright

     9 months ago +230

    Who else is watching this after they broke up

  • • d e l e t e d •

    • d e l e t e d •

     5 months ago +29

    Lauren : "you look like a big peice of bubblegum."
    Alex : "you tryna chew me?"

  • Sharoya Ibrahim

    Sharoya Ibrahim

     9 months ago +52


  • Annex . Gacha

    Annex . Gacha

     10 months ago +168

    Who else wants Roy back ;(

  • Zoe Lalor

    Zoe Lalor

     a years ago +85

    Alex is so red

  • Mel Poo

    Mel Poo

     6 months ago +17

    The call me baby parody was how I found wasabi production and that was my favourite

  • Gacha Tsunamé

    Gacha Tsunamé

     1 months ago +16

    I watch these to pretend they’re still together.

  • Alegna Benítez fufu

    Alegna Benítez fufu

     2 years ago +887

    I miss the old days😢

  • Taylor Mcquay

    Taylor Mcquay

     5 months ago +12

    Lauren: you look like bubblegum
    Alex: you trying to chew me 😂

  • Teamersquad 207

    Teamersquad 207

     4 months ago +13

    4:30 R.I.P phone on the table
    Edit : thx for 2 likes🙂

  • itsofficallyshelby


     10 months ago +47

    who else is watching this after there break up

  • MiNa bOoTiFuL

    MiNa bOoTiFuL

     10 months ago +6

    Lauren: Who's Jasmine?!
    Me: O_O!! hehe it's me😂

  • Sophia Blackhall

    Sophia Blackhall

     a years ago +902

    Soon richard will take over