The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • Michelle Laroche

    Michelle Laroche

     seconds ago

    I really like my internet mattress quite a bit. With plenty of return time, I don’t feel like I have been duped...

  • Jordans Life

    Jordans Life

     19 minutes ago

    Kathy also hates FATTY PATTY! (Netflix🙄)

  • Greg Camp

    Greg Camp

     24 minutes ago

    Time for a dose of this clowns latest Wikipedia binge of misinformation.

  • lordvolkhark


     25 minutes ago

    say for half the actual youtubers

  • selly king

    selly king

     an hour ago

    You that white chick in the beginning is from insatiable

  • ba sillah

    ba sillah

     an hour ago +1

    She is a real life skinny barbie.
    She must miss out on a lot of meals to be that skinny.

  • Michael Nealon Official

    Michael Nealon Official

     an hour ago +1

    Adam in the mattress trying to look like the “I love it” video so bad😂

  • Queen is Love, Queen is Life.

    Queen is Love, Queen is Life.

     an hour ago

    It’s easy. Find the cheapest and least fancy mattresses, lay down on them, pick the comfortable one. Speak in a heavy, unidentifiable accent so that if the seller tries to confuse or sway your opinion, you can just pretend you don’t understand them and redirect them towards the cheap ones.

  • Tony


     an hour ago

    How thick do you have to be to finally realize this? Flooring industry is the same way geniuses.

  • xzonexframex


     an hour ago +1

    *that wasn't 30 seconds*

  • .MP3_TEA


     an hour ago +1


  • The White Death

    The White Death

     2 hours ago

    After this, I threw my matress out of my house and started sleeping on the floor.

  • Barbungar X

    Barbungar X

     2 hours ago

    I will just keep sleeping on the floor.

  • I Like Turtles

    I Like Turtles

     2 hours ago

    Its called a 20 ft rope and some 2 by 4s. The reason why getting married is called "tying the knot" is because mattresses from the 16th - 20th centuries were a piece of rope and some burlap stuffed with hay. On a couples wedding night, the knot holding the bed together would be untied, so you would have to "Tie the knot" so you didn't crash into the ground.

  • mountaingoat1003


     2 hours ago

    Does the female do porn by chance?

  • jingles bellez

    jingles bellez

     2 hours ago

    But what about purple mattresses. They have a 100 day guarantee and it doesn’t look like a normal mattress

  • darrell lamb

    darrell lamb

     2 hours ago

    I bet the tag is full of it to

  • Quix Silver

    Quix Silver

     3 hours ago

    Broke: everyone else
    Woke: this lady, opening invited learning everyone’s bullshit

  • foxylee


     3 hours ago

    I don't get the problem at all. Why are people spending so much money on mattresses? I have a framed mattress bed from Ikea, set me back 200 dollers. It's absolutely great.

  • Ossi


     3 hours ago

    Adam, your hair is scaring me. Now I know it is not your fault that your hair is like that I have a friend with similar hair and I know it just happens sometimes but you really need to seek help, also if you use a mattress you are clearly under the Reptoids mind control I only need a a pillow, then again pillows might be used by the Greys as a form of hormones injector as I'm growing boobs, and no I only buy McDonald's twice a day so that can't be it. Also getting fat from McDonald's is a government conspiracy to take away my diet coke. Regards Ossi