BAO - Pixar Short Movie (Animation, 2018)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 12, 2018
  • BAO - Pixar Short Movie (Animation, 2018)© PixarKids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, Action Movie, Blockbuster, SciFi, Fantasy film and Drama... We keep you in the know! Find the best trailers and your new destination on these amazing channels you'll LOVE! ✓ FRESH Movie Trailers ➜✓ HOT Movie Trailers ➜✓ VideoGames ➜✓ Movies ➜✓ Interesting, Uplifting, Moving ➜✓ For childrens (Not a toy!) ➜
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  • SuperMaDBrothers

     1 years ago

    This is just the intro to bao and a bunch of random crap. What the hell. And all these idiots are commenting "the dumpling's so cute, awwwwww" like little morons, they probably didn't even realize what the animation was about

  • NicoleDeKitty OwO

     4 days ago

    Dude that's way too far! Thats super super lame your'e f*cking self an idiot if you call others idiots! "bunch of random crap" can you even SELF make it?!?

  • Sarephina

     6 days ago

    Calm 0.o 😂

  • Irrelevant as hell

     12 months ago

    I remember seeing this when I went to see incredibles 2Edit: this comment is stupid why tf does it have so many likes lol

  • PhePheAnimates

     9 days ago


  • Half-life fan 39

     15 days ago

    Me too

  • Robert Pemberton

     9 months ago


  • Midnight Mint

     11 days ago

    @NETFLIX and CGI Fan Channel???

  • Kyra Alleman

     8 months ago

    I saw incredibles 2 before, and this is not BAO. This was just lots of different clips from lots of different movies.Edit: thanks for the like whoever that was. 1 is the most I have ever had! Lol

  • mcnuggetboi likes memes

     3 days ago

    wow i didn't know that

  • Mr. Mark

     11 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought it was messed up that she ate it? I'm sitting there in the theater, holding my popcorn and say a little louder then I mean to: "What the Hell, Pixar?"

  • Krissir

     4 months ago

    En Pe it’s a metaphor.

  • Krissir

     4 months ago

    It’s a metaphor

  • Mack Jordan

     1 years ago

    Just saw Bao at the Incredibles... had to come back... had to...

  • Bonnie

     6 months ago


  • maddiedits;

     10 months ago

    I saw this when I went to see incredible 2 I was like tf


     7 months ago

    Stoks: Wolf Animation

  • ටතහදඣ ඊඪජසු

     8 months ago


  • TheHugestNonce Yas

     9 months ago

    *Thank you Pixar for making me cry before incredibles 2..*

  • Darionna Kee

     8 months ago

    @KingChris Ada. DWZRDXGDDDSEEDFCCCCCCZZ. 44"==f2f b gf cbc. V. Tf

  • まっつぁんチャンネル

     11 months ago


  • Howard Goldspiel

     5 months ago

    Who’s here after Bao won Best Animated Short Film?

  • SWB

     4 months ago


  • dayon afi

     4 months ago

    I am