Jimin Park "April Fools (0401)" M/V

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
  • Jimin Park "April Fools (0401)" M/VListen to Jimin Park "jiminxjamie" iTunes & Apple Music : https://goo.gl/7FfBNnGoogle Play Music : https://goo.gl/RdhMDASpotify : https://goo.gl/KVnY7s15& Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/15andOfficial15& Official Twitter: http://twitter.com/15andofficial15& Official Fan's: http://fans.jype.com 15& Official Homepage: http://15and.jype.comCopyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/sfkEbtHcooI


  • bee.syrup


     11 months ago +2378

    this MV represents a toxic relationship. he dies and comes back to life because no matter how many times they break up, he will always come back.
    when he's "dead", she uses his body to create a fantasized version of their relationship (taking selfies, making a fake dinner date) so that she can block out the fact that their relationship was actually abusive. this is a metaphor for how when they break up, she will romanticize their past together to repress traumatic memories.
    deep down, she knows that she shouldn't be romanticizing him, which is why she hides his body when other people are around. she doesn't want her friends to know that she still loves him because they will tell her exactly what she doesn't want to accept - that he's bad for her. the party scene also represents how she can hang out with her friends, pretending to have a good time, even when she's anxious thinking about him.
    every time he's alive, she's scared and remembers that he is abusive. you see this when they're fighting & in the flashbacks of him yelling. but toxic relationships are like drugs - addictive no matter how bad it is. so she continues to look for him, even when she's certain that he's dead. she even tries to ruin his current relationship because she's addicted to him.
    the MV reminds me of Indonesian movie "Possesive", where a girl is in an emotionally abusive relationship and is in such strong denial to the point where she destroys herself for him, even when he tells her they can't be together.
    the MV leaves on a cliffhanger because it's an unending cycle that will repeat itself.

  • Wonuwu


     14 days ago +266

    Queen is leaving JYP SHE DESERVES BETTER

  • dhaprk Δ

    dhaprk Δ

     10 months ago +1355

    why is this age restricted when hyuna literally killed a man on 365 fresh 😔😔😔😔 anyway our girl jamie did THAT ugh an icon

  • od2ne1


     11 months ago +1204

    Wow first time I’ve heard of her singing and I love it

  • Krislyn Dadsaag

    Krislyn Dadsaag

     10 months ago +631

    If only this wasn't age restricted then it could have surpassed 2 or 3 million by now.

  • wtfminseok


     11 months ago +3027

    Oh now I know why this was age restricted.....

  • Stay Gold

    Stay Gold

     4 months ago +293

    Wow Jae opened 975 accounts to dislike this masterpiece just because he didn't invited to the party? ㅋㅋㅋ

  • thara


     4 months ago +644

    is anyone else coming back because it’s actually april fools lol

  • My life as Raina

    My life as Raina

     4 months ago +642

    Who’s watching this on April fools day 🙋🏾‍♀️

  • Khamo279


     6 months ago +255

    I honestly believe it would have more views if it weren’t age restricted 😔

  • Hajar Kim

    Hajar Kim

     11 months ago +3670

    The title is April's Fool (0401), which translates the (0401) in Korean: 사(04)일(01) = 사일 which means relationship/us/our. This explains the whole song whereby their whole relationship is just a joke. She is disappointed with the guy way of treating her and the guy doesn't treat her well. The way the song is portrayed (sung) is in casual manner which depicts that it actually happens in our everyday life. Jimin has just successfully delivered the song and the figurative message well. Jimin did a great job!! Jimin deserves better!! ❤✌

  • Duck Momma

    Duck Momma

     7 months ago +188

    Honestly kinda upset that I didn't find her sooner. She is so talented and deserves so much more recognition. Jyp needs to show her some respect please

  • Laran


     14 days ago +19

    am I the only one here after Jimin said she would leave JYP soon 😔😔😔
    im sad but im happy for her too because she will be able to go someplace else where she can release all the music she wants.
    Ill always support Jimin 💚

  • Cam


     4 months ago +210

    Start your 2019 April Fool's the best way with Queen Jimin 😎👌🏼
    Anyone streaming as well?

  • Liss Tyler

    Liss Tyler

     4 months ago +111

    it's April fools today y'all know what that means!!!

  • Raghda Hammad

    Raghda Hammad

     11 months ago +1323

    JYP needs to let her perform this live on music shows like other idols or i will be pissed

  • тяαѕн яυву

    тяαѕн яυву

     11 months ago +77

    I was looking for “Park Jimin” from “BTS” but I found this and I was thankful that I put “Jimin Park” instead.

  • Jxggukk


     11 months ago +168

    Update: thanks skinny legends you will have glowing skin and amazing grades.

  • gülin


     3 months ago +44

    Jimin is so underrated it makes me sad

  • Stephanie xxaxx

    Stephanie xxaxx

     4 months ago +72

    Who's here bc it's april 1st?🙌