iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You choose?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
  • iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide which iPhone 11 is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, talk about the camera and much more. #iphone11 #iphone11pro #apple

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    ***Time Codes***
    00:00 - Start
    00:13 - Colors
    00:42 - Price
    01:35 - Build
    02:26 - Weight
    02:50 - Display
    04:45 - 3D Touch vs Haptic Touch
    05:12 - Speakers
    05:45 - Battery
    06:20 - CPU and Speed
    06:53 - Face ID
    07:02 - Front Cameras
    07:38 - Rear Cameras
    08:20 - Portrait Mode
    08:42 - OLED Flicker
    09:23 - Size comparison with 11 Pro Max
    10:00 - Water resistance
    10:33 - Fast Charging
    10:47 - Conclusion
    11:32 - Outro
    11:52 - End

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    Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2019? - https://youtube.com/watch?v=Eyvw3fVWMk81

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  • Latrice Bland

    Latrice Bland

     6 hours ago

    i have a 11 pro max and i love it

  • Its Alyana

    Its Alyana

     7 hours ago

    i got my iphone 6 (im using this now) last year in december and it’s starting to lag and all. i wanna upgrade but idk which one i should upgrade to

  • Giosaurus Rex

    Giosaurus Rex

     9 hours ago

    Which to choose? The answer is neither. Unfortunately, I downgraded from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 11. Two days later, there's a deep scratch on my screen from just minimal pocket usage. The phone never fell, I never placed anything on top of it, and I never placed it screen-down. Do research on iPhone 11/11 Pro screen scratching. There's a 126-page thread on the Apple forums about this. Avoid the heart ache of spending $700+ or having a beautiful phone ruined with a garbage tempered glass screen protector and case to hide the raised edges of the screen with it. Highly disgusted at Apple. I never been an Android fan in my life, but the new Galaxy next year is looking mighty good.

  • Stefan Ozdemirci

    Stefan Ozdemirci

     13 hours ago

    what 999 for a 11 pro?

    i rather buying the stand

  • Kek Spear

    Kek Spear

     14 hours ago

    Love the time code in the description

  • Dragos Stoica

    Dragos Stoica

     17 hours ago

    Lcd display in 2019 ...if u want to keep him 3 years imagine display specs in 2022 !!!?? When all competitors have at the same price much betters displays now !! Iphone 11 pro is the best

  • Alston Leung

    Alston Leung

     18 hours ago +1

    Bruh, isn’t that what everyone says???
    11- best budget phone
    11 pro- advanced but expensive

  • Air Classified

    Air Classified

     18 hours ago

    so close.... at 4:20 on the video it was almost 4:20 in time and he has 4 apps on the bottom and 20 on the top. if only he did this one minute earlier

  • Eileen Cantu

    Eileen Cantu

     21 hours ago

    I have the iPhone 11 in the color green

  • Noby’s For Every Films

    Noby’s For Every Films

     yesterday +2

    Me: watching this with my iphone 6 🤘

  • Sophie Smith

    Sophie Smith


    The brightness on the iPhone 11 is higher. He’s doing this on purpose to convince you there is no difference however the iPhone 11 pro has higher brightness

  • Anna Foo

    Anna Foo


    Ngl I only really care about the camera in my phone and just sat through the entire video not understanding a single thing BUT finding out that the camera is literally the same so ty for confirming my buying the cheaper option 😎

  • Kevin Thomas

    Kevin Thomas


    All these iPhone videos I feel like they are trying to get more people to buy the 11 and not the pro. I wonder do they make better profits margins off the 11 and not the pro!!! Even the guy in the Apple store kept telling to get the 11 and not the pro. I save my $$ and upgrade every 3 years for a reason.

  • Jadie Phan

    Jadie Phan


    Iphone 11 has a big problem with the lens reflection when you take pictures or videos. So I’m going to wait for next year.

  • bigben2493



    Do you think the 11's display is better than the 8 plus's display even though 8 plus is higher at full hd 1080p?

  • RadicalToastCrunch


     yesterday +4

    Maybe if the iPhone 11 wasn’t so huge I’d choose that, i like my phones a bit smaller and I would be content without the third camera and the subpar screen. 11 Pro is the go to for me.

  • Meme Gardener

    Meme Gardener

     yesterday +1

    To be honest, I would choose the normal iPhone 11. But if the iPhone 11 Pro would seem more special to you and you want those extra features, go for it

  • Subramanian T R

    Subramanian T R


    I'd easily choose both between the two kidneys I've.

  • rider 47

    rider 47

     2 days ago

    The clear winner is the iphone 11

  • Joe


     2 days ago

    I have an iphone x with a messed up cracked screen and need to change my phone. Would I notice much of a difference if I get the 11 ? I like the oled but these screens cost 250-300$ for repair so I might as well upgrade my phone. Is OLED that much better than Lcd ?