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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
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  • Hayl3ys Com3t

    Hayl3ys Com3t

     5 months ago +3437

    This felt like being at a sleepover and listening to the other girls talk, it was really nice please do more!!!

  • E m m a

    E m m a

     5 months ago +2921

    Mariah raises her hand when she wants to speak loll

  • Jella Bones

    Jella Bones

     5 months ago +3586

    The female energy from this video was magic

  • kittenpoop 806

    kittenpoop 806

     4 months ago +3143

    i’m corinna in the group, i’m not introverted but my friends just talk so much and won’t let me speak 😂

  • imaweirdo #camilizer

    imaweirdo #camilizer

     5 months ago +2081

    I love corinna and Liza relationship as friends it's adorable to me!

  • Aleezay Masood

    Aleezay Masood

     3 months ago +1211

    corinna being excited that liza thought she was hot just made my day

  • Josie Joyner

    Josie Joyner

     5 months ago +948

    i know mariah and heath have been together for a while but i just love seeing how well she fits in with the vlog girls they just all vibe so well it’s so cute

  • Lizzy Benson

    Lizzy Benson

     5 months ago +2101

    Liza called her old ex her ex and she called David David

  • charity


     6 months ago +7567


  • Ananya Bashyam

    Ananya Bashyam

     5 months ago +993

    So happy this wasn't just about liza and david

  • Mackenzie Zoryne

    Mackenzie Zoryne

     5 months ago +1605

    I love how for a good 3 minutes, liza is digging popcorn out of her crotch..... my true queeen

  • Wednesday's Woe

    Wednesday's Woe

     6 months ago +1142

    So glad Carly and Erin are finally getting the views they deserve. I hope this becomes a series

  • Jesse Jensen

    Jesse Jensen

     3 months ago +477

    the fact erin pulled out one direction shit to make a guy leave is EVERYTHING. truly the level of savage i aspire to be

  • Lil Bexn

    Lil Bexn

     2 months ago +183

    The last digit is of the like section in this comment is who you are:
    Liza -1
    Carly -2
    Mariah -3
    Kwisten/Kristen -4
    Corinna -5
    Erin -6
    David -7
    Durte Dom -8
    Heath -9
    Zane -10

  • Sansy Boy

    Sansy Boy

     1 months ago +141

    Imagine this same video idea but with all the boys.... Completely different energy...

  • Lucy Johnson

    Lucy Johnson

     5 months ago +702

    Liza: holds up 33 fingers "yea 2 "

  • Kmbella XD

    Kmbella XD

     4 months ago +320

    Honestly in love with Mariah. She’s perfect for Heath and hilarious. Love her accent

  • Brooke Demmon

    Brooke Demmon

     6 months ago +5653

    Can u guys make merch that says “unproblematic but slightly dramatic”

  • Comet Skies

    Comet Skies

     6 months ago +476

    Do you REALLY think I’m just going to sit around and watch a group of girls talk for 15 minutes? Well you’re absolutely right where’s my popcorn I’m sitting through this

  • Ana Sofia Sanchez Chevalier

    Ana Sofia Sanchez Chevalier

     3 months ago +140

    IM LIZA!!!
    IM MARIAH!!!
    IM ERIN!!!
    IM CARLY!!!
    and I’m Corinna...