India Wants To Use Flesh Eating Turtles To Rid The Ganges Of Decomposing Bodies (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
  • India’s Ganges river is the main source of water for half a billion people. It’s also holy to the country’s almost 1 billion Hindus, who bathe in the river to be cleansed of their sins and believe that if a body is cremated and released into the water at Varanasi it can escape the cycle of reincarnation.

    But the river’s cleansing abilities are limited by the fact that the Ganges is one of the world’s most polluted waterways: A billion gallons of raw sewage and industrial waste currently pour into it every day.

    The Indian government’s most recent initiative to tackle the pollution problem, Namami Gange, was announced in 2014 and promised $3 billion in funding. So far, it has yielded very few results, and a 2017 investigation concluded that just $205 million had been spent.

    Still, the government has launched some pretty outlandish plans, including breeding thousands of flesh-eating turtles to deal with the 200 tons of half-cremated, decomposing bodies that enter the river at Varanasi every year, and commissioning an official pop anthem for the river to rouse patriotic sentiment.

    With a growing scandal on its hands, Narendra Modi’s government is scrambling to finish planned Ganges projects before the 2019 general elections. But environmental scientist and campaigner Rakesh Jaiswal said he hasn’t seen any change so far. “The situation is worsening, and in the last 24 years I have seen no improvement at all,” he told VICE News.

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  • VICE News

    VICE News

     8 months ago +1693

    “The situation is worsening, and in the last 24 years I have seen no improvement at all,”
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  • Walala Bengbeng

    Walala Bengbeng

     an hour ago

    6:14 I think he's misinterpreted dilution for delusion

  • Walala Bengbeng

    Walala Bengbeng

     an hour ago

    India's english is good, india's habits is not

  • Bass Sass

    Bass Sass

     4 hours ago

    "To experience it's warmth"?..You mean the warmth of shit and dead bodies??🤬🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Binyamin A

    Binyamin A

     4 hours ago

    Beautiful ganga, what a sick joke

  • Ray Ray

    Ray Ray

     4 hours ago +1

    You would think that the “gods” or “whatever” they believe in and waste their time on would want their people with the best water system instead of a flowing shit stream for them. But no...I feel so bad for these people. It’s like whatever they worship or believe in have cursed them instead of helping them.

  • Loxra is here

    Loxra is here

     5 hours ago

    all governments are shit

  • Loxra is here

    Loxra is here

     5 hours ago

    it's not the dead bodies but rather the sewage of big multinational factories flown directly to the ganges

  • alvin rivera

    alvin rivera

     9 hours ago

    Education is so important kids

  • vcop blue

    vcop blue

     11 hours ago +1

    If you find anything more "nastier " than this pls show me, This is the nastiest stuff have ever seen , it can get any worst!

  • Clv#Predator


     15 hours ago

    Holy river??? Im sure 90% of sensible so called hindus wont dare take a dip or drink from that dirty river. Some lunatics are the ones who does the drinking and dippings. So sad for those people who are blinded by their faith they drink water from that river which is full of all the unimaginable wastes. Its a shame. These people should be taken for a trip upstream and show exactly what is going on along the river.

  • Lafayette Baker

    Lafayette Baker

     16 hours ago

    They worship a Damn River.?some weird Shit literally.

  • Ramon Heard Jr

    Ramon Heard Jr

     17 hours ago

    Brainnn wasshhh.

  • Brian Delgado

    Brian Delgado

     21 hours ago

    Insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results smdh

  • Andrew Tschuta

    Andrew Tschuta


    I just barfed on my keyboard.

  • Santi Mig

    Santi Mig


    I want my Ganges water on the rocks please




    Secred places ??? Then all your dump and shot goes into that water??? Goodjob India.
    Ur really famous on you hygiene




    Indian people are normally dirty.

  • David Ortiz

    David Ortiz


    The river water won't help with your health, but you'll probably have a pretty strong immune system after you beat whatever disease you get from the water.

  • James Allen

    James Allen


    a river runs through shit... the ganges today is more polluted than it was yesterday