A Dermatologist’s Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Lip Injections | Work It | Allure

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
  • Dr. Shereene Idriss, a New York City dermatologist, shares her entire routine, from her secret morning skincare techniques when she wakes up at 6 a.m., to her day at work performing Botox, fillers, and Fraxel, to her evening skincare routine including her favorite exfoliants and treatments.

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    A Dermatologist’s Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Lip Injections | Work It | Allure
  • Source: https://youtu.be/x-ABIXhhvRA


  • Susie Qsie

    Susie Qsie


    Is no one going to talk about how she woke up with full-on eye makeup?

  • mallowhawk294


     3 days ago

    this video called me ugly at least 20 different times and I'm triggered

  • Annika R

    Annika R

     3 days ago

    I feel like this is inappropriate. You’re a doctor not a makeup you tuber. It’s like she became a dermatologist for herself..

  • Rena Ribeiro

    Rena Ribeiro

     5 days ago

    She should have checked for these brands being cruelty-free or not!

  • Julie P.

    Julie P.

     6 days ago

    So how do I know where I will have wrinkles in the future?

  • George Aguirre

    George Aguirre

     6 days ago +1

    So basically I'm about to lather my face in egg white.

  • 23Reanna


     6 days ago

    I'd give anything to be that confident and fabulous

  • elianna Roth

    elianna Roth

     6 days ago

    I want to have a job about skincare but that doesn’t require giving injections and that stuff

  • Johanna Broome

    Johanna Broome

     7 days ago +8

    Once she did the listerine, Rx patches, and the “calm app” I’m like ohh you SPONSORED sponsored. Don’t know how much of the vid to trust.:/ probably like 80% product placement.

  • Tiana Lovett

    Tiana Lovett

     7 days ago

    Y’all are a little slow, she’s a dermatologist. She’s gonna take care of her skin as much as she can 😭😂

  • Melissa Ortiz

    Melissa Ortiz

     7 days ago

    Did anyone catch the serum she uses in her night routine? I can't hear her at all when she says it

  • gillian bush

    gillian bush

     7 days ago +1

    this is my dream job

  • bruh moments

    bruh moments

     7 days ago

    who else knew the Visine trick through michelle phan?

  • Susana Quiroz

    Susana Quiroz

     7 days ago

    Bro her skin is perfect ❤️

  • Izzy Murrell

    Izzy Murrell

     7 days ago +8

    "-because you can never be too bright, physically or mentally."

    my new fave quote going into this school week

  • Mary B

    Mary B

     14 days ago

    I would totally buy all of these products right now if she gave me her card info for my amazon account 😂😂😂 otherwise I’ll look for dupes know what I’m sayin ❤️🙏🏼

  • Skyforce 213

    Skyforce 213

     14 days ago

    My dream job!!!! I’m 16 year old junior yeah with a 101 average!!!

  • ajsuflena


     14 days ago +1

    Her first and last name was a dead giveaway she’s Lebanese

  • tracy s

    tracy s

     14 days ago

    Dr dray on YouTube is also a dermatologist and gives a lot if great skincare advice

  • Crissie


     14 days ago

    I wanted to become a dermatologist but then I realised they need to have a degree in medicine... I'm sooo lazy!